Ball Joints

Riders who’ve experienced Polaris RZR ball joint failures know firsthand how difficult it can be to both find and install Polaris RZR ball joint replacements. Luckily, however, Everything Polaris RZR sells everything from Polaris RZR ball joints and ball joint snap rings to Polaris RZR ball joint tools like ball joint presses and ball joint pullers to get you back on track (and back to the track) in no time!


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Have you ever wondered what the suspension components are that attach your Polaris RZR’s wheels and tires to your chassis frame? These parts go by the name of A-arms. A-arms are able to move up and down independently by what are known as ball joints. Your Polaris RZR’s ball joints are put under a lot of stress and physical abuse, so it is not uncommon at all for the Polaris RZR’s factory A-arm ball joints to break, wear down, or become loose. Whether it’s your Polaris RZR’s upper ball joints or lower ball joints, you might eventually find yourself in need of some aftermarket UTV replacement ball joints. When this time comes, look no further than Everything Polaris RZR. Here you will find all the best durable and heavy-duty aftermarket side by side Polaris RZR upper ball joint replacements and lower ball joint replacements from all the best brands such as Kryptonite, Demon Powersports, Moose, High Lifter, All Balls Racing, SuperATV, HCR Racing, and Quad Logic.

Replacing your Polaris RZR’s upper ball joints or lower ball joints is one of those things that you don’t want to have to do more than once. In order to ensure that your Polaris RZR’s next aftermarket replacement ball joints are your last, we suggest you check out some of the heavy-duty upper ball joints and heavy-duty lower ball joints we have here for the Polaris RZR such as the Polaris RZR Heavy Duty Upper and Lower Ball Joints by Demon Powersports. These upper and lower ball joints are built to last with 4340 chromoly steel and a reinforced stub design. This makes them more than twice as strong as your Polaris RZR’s stock A-arm ball joints. These heavy-duty Polaris RZR upper and lower ball joints are also greasable and serviceable, making routine maintenance simple and easy.

Kryptonite also makes some very high-quality ball joints for the Polaris RZR. Take a look at the Polaris RZR XP Death Grip Ball Joint Package Deal by Kryptonite. These death grip ball joints are a great way to strengthen and improve your Polaris RZR’s steering and suspension systems. These Polaris RZR replacement ball joints are backed by Kryptonite’s lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects, premature wear, or breakage. With their heat treated 4140 chromoly steel construction however, we don’t think you’ll ever need to claim this lifetime warranty. These aftermarket UTV ball joints are unique in the fact that they utilize oversized internals yet retain the same overall size as the Polaris RZR’s stock OEM ball joints. Along with this replacement ball joints kit for the Polaris RZR, many riders will also order side by side wheel bearings like the Polaris RZR XP Lifetime Warranty Wheel Bearing Package Deal by Kryptonite and new A-arms like the Polaris RZR XP 1000 / XP Turbo Lower Front MGC A-Arms by Houser Racing.

You won’t be able to install new ball joints on your Polaris RZR without the right tools. Well, lucky for you we have ball joint installation tools and ball joint removal tools in addition to all the great replacement ball joints we have. Check out the Polaris RZR 800 (A-Arm Style) Ball Joints & Install Removal Tool by Quad Logic. This ball joints installation and removal tool is designed to fit either the left or right side of your Polaris RZR’s upper or lower A-arms. When you order this tool, you will also get dust caps and a new circlip. This uniquely sized tube is welded to a nice baseplate for a secure footprint, and the holder tool fits perfectly in the groove of your Polaris RZR’s A-arm around the ball joint. Simply set the A-arm in place over the holder tool and press the old ball joint out. It will then drop out of the A-arm and into the holder tool.

Whether you’re after new upper ball joints, lower ball joints, front ball joints, rear ball joints, heavy-duty ball joints, or adjustable ball joints for the Polaris RZR, you can be sure you’ll find the right solution for the right price here at Everything Polaris RZR. These high-quality replacement ball joints will offer a great improvement for your Polaris RZR’s steering and suspension system above and beyond stock ball joints.