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Wheel Spacers & Adapters

If you’ve got your eye on a custom wheel but the bolt pattern doesn’t match up with your Polaris RS1,don’t worry. Wheel adapters will allow you to mount and run any wheel on your RS1, no matter the bolt pattern. And like wheel spacers, wheel adapters also widen the offset of your rig’s stance, providing many benefits such as better cornering and increased handling. And with industry leading powersports companies like Factory UTV, SuperATV, and Quadboss leading the charge, there's no shortage of aftermarket RS1 wheel spacers and adapters. The stock wheel offset for the RS1 differs in the front and rear. The front wheels are 6” wide with approximately 5 1/4” backspacing. Whereas the rear wheels are 8” wide with approximately 6 1/2” backspacing. If you're looking for aftermarket wheels, STI makes a 6+1, 5+2 that will keep you closer to stock, while a 4+3 will widen you out about 6 inches. But even if the wheels you have aren’t giving you the offset you desire, wheel spacers can make it happen.

And don’t let the old wives tale fool you, wheel spacers are not going to wear out your wheel bearings -- that is, unless you’re two-wheeling your rig or putting in excess of 25k miles on it per year. As long as you apply adequate torque and ensure that you’re using a hub-centric spacer, then you should be good to go with wheel spacers. It is when folks use the non hub-centric ones where things get off balance and noticeable wear starts to occur.  So if you’re looking to widen your RS1’s stance for added stability, wanting to overcome caliper issues or run non-stock rims with a different bolt pattern, or need to add some space so your aftermarket tires don’t bind or rub against the fenders and wheel wells, Polaris RS1 wheel spacers & wheel adapters from Everything Polaris RZR are your best bet.

3 products

3 products

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