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You might not be able to use your single-seat Polaris RS1 as an Uber vehicle or to transport your friends from place to place, but you can sure as heck use it to transport yourself. And we're not just talking about going from point A to point B in the wilderness. We're talking about Polaris RS1 street legal kits so that you can ride your machine wherever you want. The right street legal accessories for you, however, will depend on where you ride. You might be able to cruise the back roads around your farm without fear of being ticketed, but few riders are connected enough to get away with riding an unlicensed RS1 in larger cities or out of state. But even if you've ticked all the boxes, crossed all the T's, and dotted all the I's to make your RS1 street legal in your state, you still may not be able to ride it in other states due to different laws, different registration requirements, and different street-legal prerequisites. So before you pop on a fully-integrated, streamlined street legal kit for the Polaris RS1, know the rules where you ride to avoid disappointment.

Places like South Dakota make it pretty easy to register a UTV for use on public roads -- even for out of state riders. It's pretty easy to make a side-by-side street legal in Arizona as well, and states like Indiana have a few counties that have legalized on-road side-by-side use -- although not within city limits. Regardless of where you are, there are several overlapping accessories that most UTV-street-legal states require. Among them are turn signal kits, street legal kits, and UTV horn kits. Sometimes, DOT approval of accessories-- such as DOT sanctioned windshields and helmets -- is written into law, and other times, things like brakes and emissions are inspected to ensure they fall within acceptable limits. Whatever the situation may be in your area, if side-by-sides are allowed pending that they comply to certain specifications, we've got the street legal accessories to make sure that they do.

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