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In terms of cockpit space, the Polaris RZR RS1 Single Seater is among the most roomy UTVs out there-- with plenty of leg room and head space for even the tallest of riders. You can go online and find clips of an RS1 owner that is 6’7 ripping it up without constantly bumping his helmet against the cage. The same cannot be said, however, for storage space. Because the RS1 is a “Pure Sport” vehicle, it wasn’t designed with storage in mind. That being said, there are still multiple ways to maximize the storage space in the RS1, allowing you to use it for camping trips, hunting, picnics, or even as a work vehicle. Through a combination of external mounts, front and rear storage boxes, and door bags, dash packs, and overhead storage bags, there’s nothing to stop you from packing like a camel while cruising in your Polaris RS1.

Door bags are popular among RS1 owners, and SDR Motorsports is one of the leaders in RS1 door bags. We’ve heard complaints about the fitment in terms of hole alignment, but this is easily fixed with fender washers, which will really secure them tightly to the door. PRP is another company that makes a great door bag, offering tons of storage, well-made,water resistant, zippers / vinyl, and a lower pocket that perfectly fits a spare belt. Both of these companies also make overhead bags, which are great for freeing up space in the cab -- although the door bags can make for a great arm rest. In addition to door bags and overhead bags, dash-mounted storage pockets can also be installed for those items that require quick and easy access. Polaris makes a good dash bag and so does a company called Dirt Bagz. They velcro on in seconds and zip shut to secure your smaller items at arm’s reach.

Like RS1 storage bags, external mounts can also increase your rig’s carrying capacity. In particular, spare tire mounts are commonly used to tote an extra tire in case of an emergency. They typically mount in the rear, and the affectos on the ride quality are negligible. The side-mounted ones might throw off the machine’s balance a little, but those like Factory UTV’s Dual Clap Spare Tire Mount should be a non-issue for most everyday applications. Weight placement is important, though, and it should not be overlooked. For hill climbing, it is preferable to have more weight up front and as low as possible. Jumpers, on the other hand, don’t want added weight in the front, which is why many relocate their batteries to the rear when adding a winch to the front to balance out the weight. So if you’re looking for the best battery storage boxes, storage bags, or other ways to store equipment and tools in you’re RS1, look no further, because Everything Polaris RZR has it all!

2 products

2 products

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