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Steering Wheels

If you’re looking to run a different steering wheel in your Polaris RS1, there are many options to choose from. There are circular-shaped wheels and D-shaped wheels, suede steering wheels and leather ones. Some RS1 steering wheels are detachable, with quick release functionality to deter theft and make entering and exiting the vehicle easier. And by replacing the steering wheel hub, you can alter how far the wheel extends and thereby customize your rig to your height and wingspan. The Pro Armor Assault steering wheel is one of our best sellers -- in part due to it’s suede construction. A lot of riders find that suede gives a better grip. Some riders, however -- especially those in the rainy Midwest -- have steered away from running suede out of feers that it doesn’t withstand moisture. But from what we’ve seen, suede doesn’t do too bad when wet, and is pretty durable in the mud, snow, or rain. The only caveat with the Pro Armor wheel -- and most aftermarket RS1 steering wheels for that matter -- is that you’ll also have to get the Pro Armor steering wheel hub adapter to attach it to your rig’s steering column.

Like the material used in constructing a steering wheel, the shape of the wheel can also affect how it feels in the hands when driving. Many riders opt for a D-shaped steering wheel. MPI makes a strong D-shaped wheel that won’t bend, and many RS1 owners have good things to say about the QR steering wheel. Further, the Sparco wheel that comes on the Turbo S also fits the RS1, an option definitely worth considering. And when it comes to steering wheels with quick disconnect features, wheels by DFR, NRG, and Badass Unlimited are three that come to mind. Assault Engineering’s Quick Release Hub and Steering Wheel is another quality wheel. It comes wrapped in leather with red stitching -- a quality unit with little to no slop. And if you want to extend it a bit, you can throw on the QR Hub to pushe the wheel about two and a half inches closer than stock. So if you’re looking for an RS1 steering wheel with zero play, are wanting a different wheel material or shape for a better feel when driving, or are simply trying to get that quick release functionality for an easy on/off wheel, you can find it all here at Everything Polaris RZR.

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