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More so than nerf bars, tree kickers, brush guards, and even bumpers, skid plates are arguably the most important protective accessory you can put on your Polaris RS1. Even if you take things relatively easy when driving and don’t attempt anything too gnarly, rocks, roots, and other debris from the trail is constantly getting kicked up and projected at the machine’s underbelly. And if you run aftermarket tires with more aggressive tread, the amount of material that gets thrown at the undercarriage only increases. So if you’re looking to protect your rig with the best aftermarket skid plates, you’ve come to the right place. Be it a full skid plate kit, skid plate replacement parts, metal skids, or plastic skids, we’ve got em all. We have bulletproof skids that integrate with front and rear bumpers, and standalone skids that mount right on in minutes with zero modifications required.


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Trail Armor’s full RS1 skids, for example, are a top choice among RS1 owners. They come in a variety of colors, but more importantly, utilize half-inch plates of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene to deflect debris, absorb impacts, and slide over rocks with the greatest of ease. Another company known for their fantastic RS1 skid plates is Factory UTV. Take a look at the bikes that finish the King of the Hammers (a mixed off-road race that incorporates stretches of desert as well as rock crawling) in the UTV class. Pretty much all of the podium rigs run Factory UTV skids. This alone goes to show that there is an acute difference in terms of quality between these and other brands of RS1 skid plates. Regardless of what brand you go with, however, you’re hill climbing, trail riding, rock crawling or just tooling around the boonies, when you hear an unexpected thud coming from the undercarriage of your RS1, you’ll be glad that you have skid plates installed on your Polaris RS1.

The Polaris RZR RS1 is a serious investment that you want to see serve you for a long period of time maintaining the super performance and unparalleled speed, especially when combined with high-end aftermarket accessories. With the powerful tires that will throw debris under the cage, you need skid plates of quality construction. It’s on that note that we have amassed skid plates that are extremely rugged, efficient and cost-effective. These are carefully made from high-quality metals that will not crack or be displaced by all those barriers you’re likely to experience in the course of riding. Selected from top brands such as Trail Armor, Ricochet, SuperATV and UTV Inc., you can be sure that the performance is unmatched and the durability uncompromised. Get new skid plates from our wide selection today. Do it for your Polaris RZR RS1. And for the sake of your safety and peace of mind, acquire some from our sturdy and long-lasting skid plates.

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