Seat Belts and Safety

Increase the safety measures in your rig to avoid injuries while riding with a Polaris RS1 seat belt, a Polaris RS1 seat belt lowering kit, or a Polaris RS1 4-point harness from Everything Polaris RZR! Add a few more Polaris RS1 safety accessories like helmets and neck restraints and you’ll be even more protected should a wreck, crash, or accident transpire!

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If you own a Polaris RS1 and use it for what it’s made for, safety should be high on your list of priorities. One of the best safety accessories you can get for the RS1 is a harness. Unlike a regular seat belt, 4-point and 5-point harnesses secure your entire torso, affixing you tight to the seat -- so in the event of a crash, rollover, or other accident, you’ll be held safely in the cab. But even the best RS1 harness in the world won’t protect you if it is incorrectly installed. One of the safest harnesses out there is the 5-point, 2” harness lap belt and submarine strap. To ensure that the harness is properly attached to the frame of the RS1, start by unmounting the stock belt bolt on the passenger side, which can be reused as the mount for the lap belt. Do the same thing on the drivers side. However, there is no built-in mounting point for the crotch belt of a 5-point harness, so you will have to weld in a bracket to attach the crotch belt. You shouldn’t have any issue with the twisting so long as you get a proper seat belt.

You might be able to get a deal on a cheap harness or seat belt, but when it comes to safety, we’d suggest not to cheap out and to get a real 5-point harness. On some models of harnesses the shoulder adjusters get stuck and jammed up when dirty. A company called PRP makes a great harness that uses a quick release that works really well -- regardless of how much mud is caked onto it.

Another issue that RS1 riders frequently face regarding aftermarket harnesses and seat belts is overriding the limp mode function when the stock automotive type seat belt is not hooked up. If you’re not wearing your seatbelt -- or you’ve just installed a harness that doesn’t use the stock seatbelt terminal -- your RS1 may not go over 15 MPH. There are a few ways to get around this. The easiest of which is by installing an override plug. These seat belt harness plug connector bypass devices trick your machine into thinking that the seatbelt is hooked up, preventing it from going into limp mode. Alternatively, you can also use the plug side that’s attached to the seat belt, splice the wires together, and heat shrink the connection. This too will prevent your ride from going into limp mode, and doesn’t require you to buy any extra accessories. So whether you’re looking for a retractable seat belt harness for the RS1, a racing 4-point harness, or any other RS1 safety device, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got em all.

Imagine your trip in the middle of a rugged landscape with crazy drivers and you are not sure of the firmness and quality of your seatbelt? It would mean a slower speed, avoiding the fun and maybe taking a shorter trip for the sake of your life. However, we all understand that the new Polaris RZR RS1 was not designed for such mediocre trips. Our commitment is to see you rise above the ordinary, go above the rocky terrains, compete well with rough drivers and take the maximum mileage without fear of your safety. Our array of safety aftermarket accessories for avid off-roaders include the normal seat belts, various types of harnesses and fire extinguishing kits. If you are just taking a casual weekend ride with family just around the neighborhood, a normal seatbelt would do. However, for the long distances and high-speed races, the Polaris RZR RS1 would function best with an extremely rugged and long-lasting harness. With this, you know you are safe and you can enjoy a super-fast ride without anything holding you back.

Don’t take chances when it comes to safety on your Polaris RZR RS1. The seat belt or harness you choose to use on your Polaris RZR RS1 is your first line of defense against accidents. Here at Everything Polaris RZR, you’ll find four point harnesses and five point harnesses as well as seat belt accessories such as seat belt overrides, harness mounts, and harness anchor kits. Upgrade your Polaris RZR RS1’s seat belts and safety today!

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