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Radius Rods

Commonly known as torque rods, there is simply no way that you should be driving with a broken or damaged radius rod. Given their important function in the suspension of your RS1, the rods that you choose to replace your factory radius rods should either be on par with their stock equivalent, or they should be stronger and better, and the radius rods that we carry fall into both categories. Be it our high clearance RS1 radius rods or a set of lower radius rods from an aftermarket UTV parts manufacturer like L&W, the parts and components you'll find here are tried and tested by RS1 riders for RS1 riders. For example, we know that many aftermarket RS1 radius rods come very close to the trailing arm in the rear corner. A lesser experienced rider might be tempted to trim the trailing arm a tiny bit, but we know from experience that aftermarket radius rods are supposed to have a little movement in them, but if installed correctly, won't scrub or hit any other components.

In terms of bolt size (12mm) the radius rods for the newer RS1 machines are the same as the ones for the RZR XP Turbo and XP 1000 of the same year. However, the RS1s from 2017 and back used 10mm bolts. And while things like the uppers a-arms are the same as the Turbo, the lowers a-arms aren't. Furthermore, the rear radius rods are the same for the RS1, XP 1000 as well as the RZR Turbos, which is why if you're in doubt, you should always consult a professional. Call, e-mail, or get ahold of us in a way of your choosing and we'll be happy to walk you through which radius rods are best for your applications. It's hard to go wrong with some billet radius rods, and both ORB as well as SuperATV make some fantastic radius rods for the Polaris RS1. A friend of the site is currently running special carrier lower high clearance a-arms as well as ZRP billet aluminum high clearance radius rods and highly recommend both of them. Whatever setup your looking to run, we can help you bring it to fruition!

17 products

17 products

 While we carry some of the best brands in the industry you are sure to find that you can both happily reach for your wallet and also put a high quality part on your UTV without having to compromise in either department. Ride off into the sunset with the best for your RS1.

Increase the ground clearance that you have for your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 with the addition of a set of radius rods for your ride. Power Sports, Assault Industries and SuperATV are just a few of the brand options that you will find here for you and your ride. These brands are some of the industry leaders that we carry. They are the best because of their years of consistently providing customers with superior products and these radius rods are no different. Enjoy the new ride that you will experience once these bad boys are on your machine. These radius rods are also available in a range of colors so that you can match the color scheme of your machine with ease, adding not just strength and ground clearance but style as well to your machine. These radius rods are the upgrade that your machine deserves. Choose from these for your ride today.