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Prop Shafts

The Polaris RS1 not built cheap. But the RS1 is also not a trophy truck, and parts do tend to break -- especially if you’re hard on your machine. The front differential, carrier bearing, and front axle assembly are all RS1 specific. Whereas the Transmission, secondary clutch, belt, and rear axle assembly are the same as the 2018 Turbo RZR. Furthermore, the Prop Shaft between the transmission and the diff is RS1 specific, and uses rebuildable U-Joints. But if you find yourself with a broken prop shaft, you’re not out of luck. Aside from OEM replacement propeller shafts for the Polaris RS1, there are a few reputable aftermarket parts providers that make strengthened and upgraded RS1 prop shafts. RCV Performance, for instance, makes a couple prop shafts for the the RS1 model. Many aftermarket prop shafts like those by RCV replace the old u-joint style shaft with the more modern constant velocity (CV) joint shaft. Like the u-joints, CV joints are also rebuildable. So in the event that your CV boot ruptures or gets punctured, you won’t have to get a completely new prop shaft for your RS1. CV joint prop shafts are also smoother and more durable than their u-joint cousins.

In addition to using steel to make RS1 prop shafts, companies have also explored using a carbon fiber design for a lighter, higher-strength shaft. Because you can achieve weight reductions without sacrificing strength with a carbon fiber prop shaft, shakes and vibrations are less pronounced and the rotational mass of the shaft is decreased substantially. Carbon fiber prop shafts are also more more forgiving than metal, which places less stress on other driveline components such as the transmission and front differential. So if you’re looking for a basic replacement prop shaft, an advanced aftermarket prop shaft, or anything in between, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the best RS1 prop shafts to keep you moving.

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