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Power Steering Kits

The electronic power steering inside the Polaris RS1 generally works as it should. But If you have wheels that are wider than the factory offset -- and you’re driving particularly aggressively -- the power steering will sometimes shut off or your RS1 will go into “limp mode”. This is due to the system not liking the bump steer that it was not calibrated for. If your steering takes a good hit and shuts off, you can easily reset it by turning your machine off then back on again. But this becomes problematic if it happens during a race -- or just downright annoying if it occurs regularly on the trail. You can fix the issue permanently with a power steering reset switch. Start by removing the top cover off the cluster. Find the orange wire that is one of three in a plug on the top of power steering box. Do not use the orange wire at the bottom of the power steering box, only the orange wire in the plug from the top. Cut the orange wire and connect a new wire (using good heat shrink on the connections to keep them weathertight) and run it to one leg of an on/off switch. From the other leg of the on/off switch, run a wire back to the other half of the factory orange wire that was cut and connect it there. You will have to leave the switch in the on position, but when the power steering goes in limp mode when driving, rock it to off then back on. Within a second it will turn back on. All this is doing is interrupting the electricity that is going to the power steering box. When it’s in limp mode it still has power going to it, just nothing happening inside. Once you interrupt the power it’s like hitting a reset button and it restarts. One way to test it is to turn the key to the run position with the engine off and then let it hang out for a while. It takes a bit but when the steering goes into limp mode from the engine being off you can rock the switch and reset it.


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Aside from this little RS1 power steering issue, some riders find the electronic power steering system in the RS1 to be too light/overboosted. The front end can feel like it has a bit of a shimmy/wobble when accelerating through deep snow or mud. If you find that your power steering is too soft for your liking, you can bolt on an RS1 steering quickener. A steering quickener will make the steering a tad bit heavier, and will likely be your most favorite upgrade. It will blow your mind how much easier it is to make the RS1 do what you want with a quickener, with a steering response that is simply incredible. You can choose from a variety of ratios, but most riders find that a 1.5:1 ratio is the best. So if you’re having issues with the power steering in your RS1, want to replace it, or want to alter it with a steering quickener, give us a jingle or shoot us a line and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

The new 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 is no cheap machine. It is not designed to stop at the middle of racing or be interruptive in its operations or performance. That is why you should eliminate everything that can prevent you from experiencing that super-fast and smooth ride. One of the ways of enjoying more fun is through upgrading the steering of this side by side to include power steering kits. This kits will provide your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 with more power and ensure that even though you push your machine to its limits, performance and speed will not be affected. We have an array of high-quality, extremely rugged and long-lasting power steering kits from renowned firms. The good thing is that you can install the steering kits yourself by following simple instructions. Cruise on your 2020 Polaris RZR RS1 uninterrupted. Acquire high-quality power steering kits and enjoy unmatched performance. Are you unsure on how to install? Contact us and we will offer timely and professional assistance.