Portal Gear Lifts

The stock Polaris RS1 is a fun machine without any modifications. But there are several things you can do to the RS1 to make it even funner both on and off the track. One add-on that avid rock crawlers, mudders, and trail riders often choose is a Polaris RS1 portal gear lift. Unlike other UTV lift methods, portal gear lifts for the Polaris RS1 don’t overstress the machine’s driveline or suspension components. Because portals add vertical length to the machine at the wheel hub, the factory geometry of the Polaris RS1 is retained. In addition to increased clearance, however, Polaris RS1 portal gear lifts like the GDP portals by SuperATV also allow for greater gear reduction ratios. Although it is possible to reduce the gearing of the Polaris RS1 via the vehicle’s transmission, using portals to gain more torque is much easier. Furthermore, Polaris RS1 portals apply that additional torque directly to the tires, which enables drivers to power through the deepest of mud holes and steepest of hill climbs while running heavy aftermarket wheels and tires. There are many ways in which portal gear lifts can benefit you during rides. And the best place to go for Polaris RS1 portals is Everything Polaris RZR!

From Polaris RS1 Portal gear lifts to portal seal replacements and chassis braces for the one-seater RZR RS1, your one-stop-shop for all things portal hub-related is Everything Polaris RZR. Are you leaning toward the 6” SATV portal gear lift with 9310 steel gears that are smooth and quiet? Or how about a smaller 4” portal gear lift with some L&W Fab forward a-arms and an STM clutch setup? Whatever size of portals you’re after and no matter if you want a 15%, 30%, or 45% gear reduction, we’ll hook you up with the perfect Polaris RS1 portals for your needs here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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