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Overlanding & Camping

Regardless if you’re a lone wolf or a member of a larger crew, the Polaris RS1 camping and overlanding accessories available at Everything Polaris RZR are sure to improve your off-road experience! We carry Polaris RS1 hitch receivers so you can attach pull-behind trailers, pop-up campers, or hitch baskets, and we also provide riders with overland- and camping-related Polaris RS1 accessories like communication kits, roll bar grips, and overland collapsible fire pits!

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When the, shall we say, “dirt” hits the fan in your Polaris RZR XP 1000, your passengers will definitely need something to hold onto as they pray to whomever or whatever it is they believe in. The question is, are you going to provide them with a roll bar handle that will withstand even the sloppiest of panic grabs? Nothing shuts down an already hesitant rider faster than having to wrestle with a roll bar grab handle that twists around while they’re trying to stabilize themselves on a bumpy ride. Worse yet, if you’re not rocking a solidly constructed paracord, billet aluminum, heavy-duty fabric, or steel grip like those offered in our carefully vetted collection, you may even snap one while bumbling around in your Polaris RZR 570, RZR XP 1000, or what have you. This is one of the many reasons we refuse to compromise on our selection, even when it comes to smaller and often overlooked accessories such as roll bar grab handles. In fact, we’re so committed to bringing you supremely durable products you don’t have to worry about, we even have some accessories for this accessory!

Especially in the case of the Polaris RZR, whether you’re rocking the XP Turbo, the RZR-S 900, or any of the dozen-odd models in the standard RZR line, we’re excited to bring you a ton of added utility that you may not have expected. For example, the Polaris RZR Ultimate Gun Rack/Grab Handle/Lug Wrench provides, well, all three of these named benefits in one accessory! That’s right, the highly adjustable mount fits just about anywhere, and in addition to fitting most rifles and shotguns, it provides a sturdy and ergonomically contoured handle to provide you peace of mind for those bumpier rides. This is just one of the many multi-purpose roll bar grips we have on offer at Everything Polaris RZR, and we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for new products that meet our rigid specs. In addition to this more avantgarde example, we have a generous selection of machined aluminum, steel, high-tensile fabric, and other roll bar grab handles available for dozens of Polaris RZR models. Despite the variety, they all have one thing in common: they are very small investments with high yields, especially when you are bringing people along who need a little extra help with general mobility.

When you’re operating at the level of quality that we at Everything Polaris RZR require of our vendors, you never turn a blind eye to the little things. This is why we don’t stop at grab handles alone. Not only do we have a generous selection of Polaris RZR roll bar grab handles to fit just about any model, we’ve even got anti-rattle locks by quality companies like ModQuad. These will ensure that, no matter what kind of trouble you get into with your side by side, your grab handle will always be where you left it. This is just one of several items we use to create a comprehensive suite of supporting products so that you can customize and upgrade your grab handles to accommodate any need. The best thing about having all this customization at your fingertips is that it affords you the ability to include everyone.

We’ve always believed at Everything Polaris RZR that no matter the ride, it’s always better with people you care about. Even though smaller accessories like roll bar grab handles may sometimes be easy to overlook for most of us, they just may make the difference between having an amazing time bouncing along some pretty scenery or spending an afternoon in for people who need help with mobility. Heck, even for the fittest among us, getting into and out of a Polaris RZR can be a bear, especially when you’ve got slick floors and/or uneven terrain to contend with. This is why, no matter how many fun and practical utilities we feature throughout our roll bar handle collection, the core premise driving everything is inclusivity. In order for that to work, we can’t sideline extreme durability and utility either. This is why our job is not easy, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. You keep riding, and we will keep bringing you the best aftermarket accessories out there for your Polaris RZR 570, 900, 100, and so on.