Overlanding & Camping

Regardless if you’re a lone wolf or a member of a larger crew, the Polaris RS1 camping and overlanding accessories available at Everything Polaris RZR are sure to improve your off-road experience! We carry Polaris RS1 hitch receivers so you can attach pull-behind trailers, pop-up campers, or hitch baskets, and we also provide riders with overland- and camping-related Polaris RS1 accessories like communication kits, roll bar grips, and overland collapsible fire pits!

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Polaris Ranger side-by-sides are often used by those who put their machines to work. Polaris Razors, on the other hand, are almost exclusively used for play. And while they do excel at the track and on the drag strip, Polaris RZRs also make for excellent camping rigs. Some riders use their Razors for weekend escapades, and others park their Razors at the deer blind and campout for days on end. You’ll even find individuals who take their Polaris RZRs on overlanding adventures that last multiple weeks! If you use your machine for camping or overlanding, you’re in luck! Because at Everything Polaris RZR, we have a huge selection of Polaris RZR camping and overlanding accessories, ranging from Polaris RZR overlanding equipment to ride further, to Polaris RZR camping gear for increased comfort. So before you embark on your next journey, make sure to check out the UTV camping / overlanding parts, tools, and accessories we have on offer here at Everything Polaris RZR!  

Unless you’re keen on fasting, one thing you’ll need when camping or overlanding in your Polaris RZR is sustenance. With a proper filter, you can easily sustain yourself using water from creeks, rivers, and lakes, but unless you plan on living off of fish and small game, you’re probably going to be packing in food. And for this, nothing is better than the Polaris RZR camping coolers from Everything Polaris RZR! Companies like SuperATV, Rough Country, and Kolpin Powersports all make hard-sided coolers for the Polaris RZR, but there are other options out there aside from rigid 20-quart hard coolers. Soft-sided coolers, for example, are nice because you can fold them up and mash them into open nooks and crannies as you consume their contents. Alternatively, you can even get a product like the 45L portable refrigerator / electric cooler by Rough Country, which ties into your vehicle’s electrical system to stay cold for as long as you keep it powered! And to optimize space as well as to make your cooler easier to access, we also offer Polaris RZR cooler racks / cooler mounts to keep your off-road cooler secure and conveniently located!

Aside from food and drinks, you’ll probably also want some spare fuel and parts during long overland rides / camping trips. For the former, we sell external Polaris RZR gas tanks, Polaris RZR jerry cans, and Polaris RZR fuel packs with mounts like the ones by Rotopax. Shaped in a way that allows for stacking, roll-bar mounting, and easy refilling, the 2-gallon Rotopax gas can is pressure tested and approved by both the EPA and CARB. This Polaris RZR fuel pack and products of similar ilk won’t leak, crack, or vibrate loose, so if you have to put your off-road fire extinguisher to use, it won’t be because of these rotationally-molded gas cans!  

Unless you’re a lone wolf, a hermit, or an antisocial curmudgeon, camping and overlanding in the Polaris RZR is much more fun with others. Telling ghost stories around the campfire is one thing, but better still is having the ability to talk while you’re actually riding. And for this, you’ve gotta get a Polaris RZR communications kit! For in-cab chit-chat, accessories like intercoms are great. For rig-to-rig communications, two-way radios are the way to go. Or, if you want a multi-use solution for both navigation as well as communication, the Polaris RZR Tread Powersport Navigator With Group Ride Radio by Garmin is unmatched! Not only does this GPS provide users with topographic mapping of both public and private land, but it can also connect up to 20 riders with tracking and push-to-talk functionality – and these are just two of the many other features that this GPS unit boasts!  

If you’ve got space, Polaris RZR camping accessories like portable smokeless fire pits, campout grill kits, and thermoses / tumblers will make life in the great outdoors a little more enjoyable. And with a Polaris RZR Roof Top Tent like the ones by Rough Country, you’ll be able to comfortably fit 2 to 3 people on top of your rig to sleep at night. With mosquito screens, an extendable ladder, a rain fly, and even an LED light strip, this is one accessory that’ll have you “glamping” during your off-road camping / overlanding trips! Regardless of whether you’re wanting to rough it or camp in style with all the creator comforts of home, you can do whatever your heart desires with the Polaris RZR camping and overlanding accessories from Everything Polaris RZR!