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Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

Keep the fluid repositories in your RS1 filled to the appropriate level and ensure that the engine, differentials, and transmission are all properly lubricated with the Polaris RS1 oils, fluids, and filters from Everything Polaris RZR. We've got windshield wiper fluid to keep your front windscreen clean, brake fluid to grant you superior stopping power, and radiator fluid to better dissipate heat. If you're after some Demand Drive fluid for the front differential on your Polaris RS1, we've got the best stuff to go with the centrifugal Hilliard clutch design in all Polaris 4x4 machines. And to lubricate the transmission gears, gear case, and rear differential in your RS1, we also offer AGL fluids that are identical to the kind called for in the Polaris RS1 owner's manual. It doesn't matter if you're conducting some scheduled maintenance, or if you're flushing out mud, water, or metal shavings that somehow got inside your machine's internals, you'll find all the Polaris RS1 filters, oils, and fluids you need here at Everything Polaris RZR.

As far as engine oil for the Polaris RS1 goes, every rider has their own preference. Some swear by Polaris-branded PS-4 oil, but there's nothing wrong with a brand like Amsoil or Mobile 1. In fact, Polaris-branded oil is actually bottled by Lubetech, which is owned by Mobile 1. Depending on the style of riding you do, you might benefit from 15W-50 oil over the standard 10W-50. And if you want an oil that is more cost effective that will give you longer drain intervals, Amsoil is where it's at. In addition to your driving style, the climate where you ride will also affect your fluids. Some fluids require antifreeze to avoid turning solid during winter, while others change viscosity if it's too hot or cold out. But wherever you live and regardless of your driving habits, you can obtain the perfect Polaris RS1 oil change kits, fluids, and filters to suit your every need by shopping at Everything Polaris RZR!

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