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Hitches and Frame Support

If you’re jumping your Polaris RS1, racing it, or using it in any way like it’s supposed to be used, you might want to consider some frame support / frame stiffeners. One “weak” spot that we’ve found with the RS1 frame is the frame tabs where the front arms connect. For this, SuperATV makes a great frame stiffener that is super easy to install. As far as torque specs, just cranked it till you can’t turn it anymore from that awkward angle as you’re lying down. But the front arm tabs aren’t the only part of the RS1 frame that’s susceptible. The rear trailing arm bracket can bust as well if you hit it right, which is why many riders have started adding gussets. If you’re not looking for a a bolt-on kit, you’re probably going to have to make a weld on double shear bracket, and this is of particular importance to those riders who beefed up their cage.

Companies like Concept Distributing, UTV Wolfpack, and Gatekeeper Design all make a solid aftermarket roll cage for the Polaris RS1. However, in many cases, the stronger the cage is, the heavier it is as well, which puts added pressure and strain on the frame of the machine. This is where frame stiffener and gusset kits become more important. With every jump, bump, and corner, the added weight will cause your frame to buckle. But with a frame stiffener by companies like SuperATV, you can reinforce your RS1 frame to handle the added weight and greater forces. So if you’re debating how far you want to go with an aftermarket cage -- feeling like you need to do a full score build on the frame itself to support it -- or looking at portal lifts, larger aftermarket tires, and other bulky accessories, worry not. With an RS1 frame support kit, your frame will stay firm and tight, able to handle anything you can throw at it.

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