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From Polaris RS1 header pipe heat shields to replacement Polaris RS1 heat shielding solutions for the cab section, engine bay, and clutch area of the Polaris RS1, Everything Polaris RZR has the accessories you need to prevent heat from harming either you or your UTV. We offer front and rear Polaris RS1 firewall guards by companies like McNasty Customz to better insulate the cab compartment from the engine compartment. We also sell Polaris RS1 exhaust covers and rear tub heat shields to both stop heat from damaging the bed box as well as prevent the contents of the box from getting too hot. Be it to protect your gas lines or to mitigate the stifling conditions you're suffering from in the cockpit, we've got Polaris RS1 heat shields for any occasion here at Everything Polaris RZR! Stay cool and stop heat from wreaking havoc on at-risk components by installing some high-grade Polaris RS1 heat shields on your machine today!

A lot of the older UTV heat shields for the Polaris RS1 were constructed out of thick slabs of steel. But for most riders, using modern Polaris RS1 heat shields made from lighter aluminum and ceramic-coated composites is preferable. Not only do these heat shields create a better thermal barrier, but they also add less mass to your vehicle. In this way, they won't reduce your bike's fuel efficiency, top-end speeds, or agility when cornering. It doesn't matter if you're on the hunt for Polaris RS1 heat shield accessories to give yourself a reprieve from the hot Arizona sun, or a Polaris RS1 heat shield kit to prevent heat from harming your UTV, you're sure to find the appropriate heat shields for your needs here at Everything Polaris RZR. Don't wait until it's too late and pick up the heat shields you require today!

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Your Polaris RZR RS1 is an impeccably designed performance machine, but to get the most out of it while protecting yourself and your passengers, an equally well-made heat shield can’t be beat. Whether you’re working, playing, or a bit of both, the last thing you want to contend with while out on the trail is the nasty shock of burning your foot, leg, or anything else on hot components. This is why we offer a comprehensive, but growing collection of Polaris RZR RS1 foot heat shields, seat heat shields, and more. Considering the turn-to-turn acceleration and raw horsepower she’s delivering, we can’t blame the speedy Polaris RZR RS1, it’s just a matter of preparing yourself so you don’t - as the saying goes - get burned.

It’s easiest to divide this product category in half: Polaris RZR RS1 foot saver heat shields and so on for you and your passengers, and engine heat shields for the vehicle itself. As outlined already, nobody likes shifting in their seat during a fun-filled ride only to yelp out in pain as they’re singed by a toasty floor pan or the like. But we know how much our customers love to soup up their side by sides with all kinds of aftermarket accessories, which is why we made sure to include customizable Polaris RZR RS1 heat shields that can be trimmed and reshaped to fit over many different surfaces. A perfect example is this Polaris RZR Extreme Heat Barrier by HMF Racing. Engineered with real-life applications in mind, this durable barrier is only 3/16” thick, thanks to savvy design. It’s this marriage of power and flexibility that allows the barrier to be shaped and cut to fit over the classic problem areas for excessive heat, as well as many accessories. Moreover, it holds its shape, and can withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit intermittently or 1200 degrees constantly.

That just about “covers it” (get it?) for your Polaris RZR RS1 interior, including floor pans, accessories, and just about anything else you need to cover so you don’t feel like you’re riding in an air fryer. Sometimes, though, the heat that you don’t feel as much as a passenger can be the deadliest of all for your side by side - engine heat. Other than accidentally welding your shoes to the floor of your Polaris RZR RS1, improperly preparing your engine for high heat can dry out and/or damage all kinds of engine components and others nearby. This is why we have made sure not to skimp on Polaris RZR RS1 engine heat shields as well. Our heavily durable heat shields provide a stalwart defense against thousands of degrees of radiant heat, whether we’re talking under the hood or elsewhere. We even have aluminized sleeving that keeps your wires and hoses protected from heat exposure so you don’t have to worry about electrical issues either. Having an extra layer in place will also protect against debris, oil, and more. See what we’re getting at here? In addition to providing unparalleled protection against potentially detrimental heat, we have specially tailored this category of heat shields to accommodate as much of your side by side and aftermarket accessories as possible.

What makes our Polaris RZR RS1 engine heat shields, under seat heat shields, and other products in this category superior? It’s true, we’re not the only game in town, but have you seen anyone else with this level of quality and variety on top of a 90-Day Buy and Try Guarantee? This is what it means to have the utmost confidence in your products; we are more than happy to offer this guarantee because we believe in what we’re selling. Speaking of, for those of you who like to get deep into the specs, we’re talking embossed aluminum barriers with glass mat composite cores, all packaged within 3/16” of an inch so you can shape the barrier to your liking - and that’s just one product. Simply put, we know what we’re doing, and we know you will find our Polaris RZR S1 heat shields to be perfect for your needs. So, we welcome you to shop in confidence, knowing that we proudly stand behind our products and will always be happy to help you find the best fit for your situation. Stay safe and stay cool out there!

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