Fuel Packs and Mounts

You can travel pretty far on a single tank of gas in your Polaris RS1, but the Polaris RS1 fuel range isn’t unlimited; so don’t get too big for your britches and invest in a Polaris RS1 fuel pack, Polaris RS1 gas can, or external Polaris RS1 fuel tank! Burn more rubber and make it to isolated areas where others cannot with the Polaris RS1 fuel packs and fuel pack mounts from Everything Polaris RZR!

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For normal trail riding, the biggest problem with the Polaris RS1 is likely the lack of storage. If you want to carry a spare tire, spare fuel, extra gear, etc., the RS1 is definitely space challenged. So depending on how you use your RS1, you might want to consider mounting on a fuel pack for more longevity and distance capabilities. While we wouldn’t suggest hauling gasoline if you like spending more time in the air than on the ground, if you’re not racing or jumping your RS1, the risks commonly associated with fuel packs are highly diminished. That being said, the risks are still there, which is why cheaping out on a fuel pack that can break or leak is an extremely bad idea. It only takes one time of the lid not going on properly and allowing gas to hit that hot engine/exhaust for a fuel pack to ruin your day. And we’re not saying it could never happen, but with the right fuel pack -- and barring user error -- it won’t 99.99% of the time.

RotoPax fuel packs, for example, are among the better ones out there. They have literally ran them over with semi trucks and they’ve withstood it without breaking. IMS Products also makes a solid fuel tank that can add about four gallons to your rig. Fuel packs like these are easy to install, provide extra gas when you're in a pinch, and most importantly, they’re safe. And because space in the RS1 is limited, mounting them to the roll cage or frame clears up room for other essentials. We’ve seen some use ratchet straps to secure their fuel packs, but using a $20 strap to hold down a tank of flammable liquid on a $20,000 machine just isn’t the smartest thing to do in our opinion. Companies like Isota make a variety of great fuel tank brackets to mount your gas can wherever you want. Joker Machine Mounts, Trail Bright LED, and Koplin also have fuel pack mounts that work great. Whether you’re going on a long excursion in the deep woods or trail riding alone, fuel packs can give you that added piece of mind and will get you where you need to go when things don’t go according to plan.

You are in the right place when it comes to getting the right fuel packs and mounts specifically designed and rigorously tested for the Polaris RZR RS1. Manufactured by avid off-roaders, you can be sure to get fuel packs that maximize on the available space, are cost-effective and of large capacity to provide you mileage in your lengthy and sporadic trip. These long-lasting fuel packs are also innovative and ultra-efficient. You do not have to worry about how to mount them on your Polaris RZR RS1. The process is simple and all the hardware you will need are all available. In a few minutes, you will have your fuel packs on the RZR and you hit the road. They will be intactly mounted and even when you climb hills and go down valleys at high speed, you do not have to worry about them falling off. Such peace of mind will allow you to fully focus on your trip. With us, you can get various selections and we are sure you will find a unique fuel pack that also fits your budget.

Save yourself the embarrassment and frustration of running out of gas in your Polaris RZR RS1. To conserve space and limit weight, Polaris didn’t design the RZR RS1 with the largest fuel tank. Don’t let this stop you though. With aftermarket UTV fuel packs and mounts, you can safely secure extra fuel onto your Polaris RZR RS1. The Polaris RZR Rotopax / Fuelpax Mount by AJK Offroad is one of our favorite fuel packs for the Polaris RZR RS1 and can be easily mounted onto your roll cage with the Polaris RZR Rotopax/Fuelpax Fuel Container Mount Adjustable Angle by Axia Alloys.

Don’t run the risk of mixing up fuel for your Polaris RZR RS1. Tank Tags are a great way to make sure your spare fuel packs aren’t mixed up and are properly labeled according to octane levels. Extend the range of your Polaris RZR RS1 and never run out of gas again by equipping it with aftermarket UTV fuel packs and mounts!

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