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Given how short the Polaris RS1 is on storage, it can be difficult to find a cooler that fits. And if you don’t ride with a crew who is willing to help carry your stuff, you might be faced with a choice between bringing food, drinks, tools, or spare parts. There are, however, RS1 cooler options that can free up space and make room for a few sandwiches or frosty beverages. The OEM Polaris cooler is an option, and while it does perfectly fit the space in the front, like most typical soft-sided coolers, it doesn’t keep things cold for extended periods of time. And for north of $100, you might be hard pressed to justify biting the bullet on such an accessory. Another option for a front RS1 cooler is the Thermos Element5 6 Can Holder. This little lunch-box style cooler fits right in (with a little room to put a small tool set in the front of it also -- and can hold six 16oz cans with room for ice. It's soft sided but has a rigid inside shell to hold its shape, with a velcro top lid that flips open for quick access. While the space in the front of the RS1 may be limited, under-hood coolers are better suited for keeping things cold as the back rack tends to heat up due to its placement above the radiator. That being said, there is much more room in the back, so the rear RS1 cooler options are more spacious.

The square YETI cooler, for instance, fits nicely in the back, and so too does the Gott branded dinner bucket. Aside from the OEM cooler bag, there are a few great options for rear RS1 coolers. The Condition One branded Hard Case Trunk, for instance, can be retrofitted to fit the rear compartment, providing you with a sleak, low profile, storage / cooler box. You can attach it to the back side of your rig with a bent piece of metal using the two bolts in the back to hold it down. It comes in and out super easily when you undo the turnbuckles. You’ll probably want to remove the handle as it is really close to the hinges. To do this simply use a punch or even take a hacksaw to it. There are plenty of d-rings on the back of the RS1 for tying things down, but you should weigh your options carefully to insure your cooler is airtight -- to keep its contents clean -- and insulative enough to resist the heat from the radiator.

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