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You might be questioning the need for a UTV intercom in a Polaris RS1. Yes these machines are noisy, and riders frequently wear helmets. But as a single-seat UTV, there is no one else in the cab to which one can speak. But in addition to providing wireless music capabilities, Polaris RS1 intercoms can also work for bike-to-bike communication. With the option to add five-watt radios, fifty-watt radios, and even higher-wattage radios for maximum distance, you can stay interconnected with as many vehicles as you'd like. Using simple plug-in ports in the rear of the intercom, you can connect anything from smartphones and MP3 players to GPS units, GoPro action cams, and even satellite phones. Add a digital speech processor to your RS1 intercom to get rid of that annoying background noise coming from your engine. If you're racing your RS1 or taking it on the trails, a UTV intercom is almost compulsory.

Coming in a variety of different sizes, the strong and durable intercom units we offer here at Everything Polaris RZR can work in any RS1 edition or year. Mount them within reach on your dash or get a portable intercom to take in and out of your machine at your leisure. Blast some heavy metal to psych yourself up for the upcoming race, or use your intercom to communicate with your team or other riders in the field. You can also attach a dynamic mic of your choosing, or if you're not too picky, you can get a complete intercom kit with everything you need to get started. We know how lonely it can get all by yourself in the RS1, but it doesn't have to be. Car-to-car communication is as easy as one, two, three with intercom and radio kit from Everything Polaris RZR. Get yours today and stay interconnected on your next ride!

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