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From basic receivers for everyday use to race receivers used by RS1 racers of all classes and abilities, the best receivers for the Polaris RS1 can be found right here at Everything Polaris RZR. When it comes to RS1 receivers, comfort and clarity are key. In addition, ease of use and range are also important factors. You wouldn't want a receiver that is too complex to use just as you wouldn't want a receiver that cuts out every other second. And if the earbuds of the receiver are too uncomfortable, you may not want to even use the thing. That is why we here at Everything Polaris RZR have joined forces with leading UTV communications companies such as Rugged Radios to deliver the highest quality comm systems, radios, and receivers. If you opt for a radio kit, the receiver is likely built into the unit. But for those who don't want to fuss around with all that, receiver units are the perfect solution. Use them in races to get information from officials or teammates, or use them in the woods to listen in to your crew's back-and-forth banter.

In addition to wired receivers, we also have wireless receivers that work via bluetooth to deliver audio directly to your earbuds or helmet speakers. Use them in conjunction with a two-way radio and you can listen to music and receive official communications during your race simultaneously. And with features such as radio override and button locks, you'll never miss a beat during a race. No matter what type of race your in, be it cross country, Offroad short course, or even drag races, an audio receiver will assist you from the moment that checkered flag waves, to the moment your aftermarket tires cross the finish line. Use you receiver as a component of your Offroad short course communication system, our use it individually for listening purposes only. Regardless of why you want a UTV audio receiver for your Polaris RS1, we can situate you with the perfect receiver for you and your needs!

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