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In a machine like the Polaris RS1, the ability to communicate with the outside world is important. And there's no better way to do this than with a Polaris RS1 radio / radio kit. Be it a VHF radio that transmits on "very high frequencies", a UHF radio that transmits on "ultra high frequencies", or some other type of shortwave radio that uses any other frequency, we here at Everything Polaris RZR have the right radio kit for you and your RS1. Because of the limited space in the RS1, many riders like to use portable, handheld radios. The dual-band, five-watt handheld radio by Rugged Radios, for instance, gives RS1 owners an emergency alarm button, multiple channel reception, as well as many other features. But if you want to do more than just listen in, a two-way radio will let you send voice messages to fellow riders and others on the same frequency in your vicinity. The UTV radios by BaoFeng are great for such applications, allowing you to communicate at long distances with their various GMRS, VHF, HAM, and other radios.

More serious riders might choose to mount their communication systems, radios, and radio kits right into their RS1. While the space is limited in the RS1, there are various options for mounting -- be it to the right of the steering wheel in the factory cubby or just above the dash. In addition to Rugged Radios and BaoFeng, Kenwood radios can also be used in UTVs and the RS1. Whatever you're after, we've got the radios and radio accessories to meet your needs. From antennas and coax cables to full-spectrum RS1 radios that can withstand dust, water, and any weather condition, at Everything Polaris RZR, our selection of radio kits and RS1 radio accessories cannot be beat. Get one for your RS1 and never be alone when riding again!

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