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Race Air Pumper System

Got Air? If you're tired of sucking dust in your Polaris RS1, the answer is a race air pumper system from Everything Polaris RZR. With a PCI Racing big single pumper (or similar pumper by Rugged Radios or other UTV firms) a Maglock magnetic hose connector, and an air pumper helmet, you'll be breathing easy on the track or trail. Add a helmet skirt for good measure and no dust devil is too big to handle. Companies like Klim with their R1 helmet or the Impact Offset EVO air pumper helmet by PCI Racing are leading the industry in race air pumper gear, and their stuff is available right here for you to order. And even if you don't want to pop on a special helmet to get fresh air, there are kits available to plumb up a regular full face helmet with the correct air inlet. It should be noted, however, that MX style helmets will not work because they do not seal properly. Nevertheless, be it an air pumper helmet, the air pump itself, air pump tubing extensions, or a complete race air pumper system for your Polaris RS1, we've got what you need for that clean cooling air.

Those who race their RS1s love air pumper systems -- add an in-helmet receiver and you're sure to reach the podium. Even if you don't race, though, air pumper systems can add that element of luxury to your back-country expeditions. Get relief from the stifling heat and protect your eyes, face, and lungs from fine sand and dust. Be it at the dunes or on those dusty mid-west trail networks, a clean air system will surely pay for itself after the very first ride. If you're tired of inhaling dust and are willing to invest in your comfort, an air pumper system is the way to go!

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