Whether you're rocking a Moto X helmet to keep the mud out of your eyes or an Oneal helmet with the quick detach goggles, protecting your head when riding is important. But why stop there? Why not protect your head with a helmet that incorporates built-in devices for streamlined audio communication? Helmets with built-in communication devices such as speakers and microphones can be easily paired with a variety of radio and telecommunication systems. Sync your communication helmet with your phone when you're within cell range, connect it to your MP3 player for a great riding soundtrack, or use it in conjunction with your GPS system for real-time voice directions. If you're running a radio in your RS1, you should be able to connect your helmet to both send and receive voice communications with the people around you. And with voice-activated processes, you can play your music, send a verbal message, or get directions without taking your hands off the steering wheel!

Helmets with built-in communication systems are great for RS1 owners who ride with a crew and frequently communicate. They also prove useful in racing applications. Use them with an Offroad short course system to transmit and receive information from your team, our pair them with a race receiver to get official communications from race organizers. In-helmet communication gadgets are also great for riders who use air pumper systems. You can talk to other riders without having to lift your visor or turn off your fresh air pumper. Regardless of the reasons why you might want a helmet with built-in audio functionality, you're sure to find quality communication helmets here at Everything Polaris RZR. DOT approved, water-resistant, and clear as crystal audio, what else could you want in a communication helmet for your Polaris RS1?

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