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Whether you're sporting an FLY Racing helmet on your dome or one of the Bandit helmets by prolific UTV firm Simpson, if you're looking for helmet audio kits, you've come to the right place. No matter how big your melon is or what style of helmet you're wearing, we've got bluetooth helmet kits to convert your helmet into the ultimate audio hub. Why would you need a big honking stereo when a bluetooth audio helmet conversion kit is so easy to install and use. Not only do they work great, but you won't have to fight to hear it above the other riders with their over-the-top stereo setups. With a Rugged Radios helmet kit, the Polaris RS1 2-person intercom system with in-helmet earphones by NavAtlas, or a variety of other helmet audio kits, you can pipe your favorite playlist directly into your helmet without the need for any expensive UTV speakers, subwoofers, or stereo receivers. Besides, with the limited space available inside the cab of the RS1, adding a complete stereo setup takes up room that could otherwise be used by different accessories and devices.

In addition to using helmet audio kits for music, many riders use them in conjunction with their communication systems to broadcast and receive voice transmissions. Be it through a two-way VHF radio, an intercom, a walkie-talkie setup, or even through a phone when in cell range, in-helmet speakers and microphone kits are a convenient way to communicate both at close distances and from afar. Leave your helmet on when talking to your friends nearby, and gain the ability to discuss routes with bike-to-bike communications at further distances. Listening and being heard in your Polaris RS1 has never been easier. And the best part is, you can use your current helmet! Communicate with your UTV crew when you're on the trails, then play some music when you're hitting the track on your dirt bike. The portability, fidelity, and comfort of helmet audio kits make them perfect for all off-roading applications.

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