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Orienting yourself and tracking your rides has never been easier than with a Polaris RS1 GPS from Everything Polaris RZR. Technology has made paper maps obsolete. And unless you're a luddite or techno-illiterate, your best bet for navigational aid is a GPS unit. Sure phones are ok at providing directions on roads. But when trail riding, Google Maps can only get you so far. Plus, when your phone is out of range, you're out of luck. Be it a Magellan GPS, a Voyager GPS, a Garmin GPS, or anything in between, we've got the latest GPS devices and accessories for novice and hardened RS1 riders alike. Not only can GPS units help you navigate windy and dense trail systems, but they can also track your routes and give you more accurate speed and distance metrics that you can use to monitor and calibrate your other accessories and core systems. A good UTV GPS, however, may fall short without the proper mounts and antenna setups. We'd suggest mounting a RAM 1.5" ball to the roll bar cross tube of your RS1 on which to place your GPS. This will put the screen above your head, out of the normal windshield view, and is in a dark area under the roof where it can be read decently in bright conditions. Some tablet GPS units have trouble picking up satellites under aluminum roofs, so mounting a Bluetooth GPS puck to the top of the dash at the base of the windshield is a workaround that many RS1 owners install to ensure proper reception.

GPS devices like the Garmin Montana are great because they are waterproof and function well in the winter. Many riders use them in the winter on their snow machines. The Garmin InReach+ is another popular RS1 GPS that can be used with bluetooth to connect to your Phone. Mount your cell on the dash while the Garmin can stay in your pocket for 2-way text and SOS plus full featured GPS tracking that you can see realtime via the internet. This works bluetooth-to-tablet as well for bigger screen needs. If you're the type who likes to explore by getting lost, you may not need a GPS. But for the rest, GPS units are invaluable accessories that can not only make rides less stressful, but also act as lifelines when the sun is getting low and you're far from home. Don't be forced to spend the night in the woods because you can't find your way back. Get a GPS for your RS1 and find yourself before you lose yourself!

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