Complete Kits with Radio

You might have some headphones. You might have a microphone. And you might even have an antenna on your Polaris RS1. But if you don't have a complete communication kit in your RS1 that includes a shortwave radio, your communication system isn't complete. While intercoms and similar UTV communication devices come in handy for short-distance audio transmission and reception, a radio is required for long-distance voice communication. Polaris RS1 riders are a particularly vulnerable class of side-by-side riders as they often go out by themselves. Things can take a turn for the worse quicker than a jiffy. If you have an accident, get lost, break down, or run into some other kind of trouble, it's nice to have a lifeline to the outside world. Sure you can bring spare parts, external gas tanks, and emergency provisions, but if you're stuck in the boonies by yourself, it's sure nice to have some type of UTV radio kit to reach out for help.

Be it the common citizens band (CB) radio, a two-way radio, or a HAM radio, having the ability to transmit and receive audio over various bands and frequencies could be a literal lifesaver if you find yourself in a pickle. But even if you're riding with your buddies, these same lifesaving radios can be used to communicate with riders with similar equipment. Did your friend take a wrong turn? No problem. Just drop a line on your push-to-talk radio and let him or her know where they went wrong. From multi-channel radios and receivers to simple single-channel communication systems, we've got the best complete kits with radios for you and your RS1. We know it can get lonely all by yourself in the cockpit. But it doesn't have to be. Talk to your friends on their side-by-sides or talk to strangers in big rigs on the adjacent highway nearby, with a complete communication kit from Everything Polaris RZR, you can do it all!

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