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Improve the safety and performance of your single-seat RZR with some new Polaris RS1 brake pads, a replacement Polaris RZR RS1 brake pedal, or an aftermarket Polaris RS1 parking brake from Everything Polaris RZR! From Polaris RS1 brake fluid kits and brake lines to Polaris RS1 brake rotors and master cylinders, we’ve got what it takes to give you nearly-instantaneous stopping power in your Polaris RS1!

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If there is one aspect of safety that you should not go riding without having it be in optimum condition, it is the brakes on your RS1. If you have worn down your brakes and it is time to change them or you are simply looking at an alternative to your stock brakes / brake pads, then you will find no better quality available than what is carried here. With everything from RS1 brake pads, calipers, and disc brakes to aftermarket accessories such as hand brakes, the selection of Polaris RS1 brakes that you'll find here is unrivaled. Of course brake pads should be replaced periodically, and you might want to drill and tap the ends of the posts and install a 1/4-28 bolt and washer to keep the pads on. If you do this as well as loosen the set screw so the caliper floats more freely, you'll avoid the rubbing and scraping that is common with RS1 brake pads -- especially in the rear.

Steering quickeners are also neat accessories that make a huge difference when speeding round tight corners. With a steering brake installed on the front brakes -- because it's pretty much worthless to install one on the rear brakes -- you can whip your machine around bends or flick it and set up a corner way smoother. Hand brakes are also good for racers, and the hydraulic rear hand brake made for the standard RZR works wonders in the RS1. If you install it yourself, you will have to tie into the clines going to the rear brakes, and probably have a couple of check valves. When you hit the pedal, the brakes work as stock. When you use the handle, it’ll lock up just the rears; perfect for drifting. Even if you're not a racer per se, these hand brakes are great to whip it around corners faster, or to start a drift for maximum acceleration. Whether you're looking for stock or aftermarket RS1 brake pads like the EBC sintered pads, brake calipers, or any other aftermarket braking accessory for the Polaris RS1, if you're looking for unrivaled stopping power, look no further than Everything Polaris RZR! More throttle less braking If you’re not using the brakes you're not heavy enough on the throttle.

You will get the performance that is the industry-standard out of the brakes and brake components that we carry and you can rest assured that none of the brands or their parts that are listed here are subpar. Ride off into the sunset in your UTV with the confidence that you have chosen the best for your Side by Side.

I am sure if you already have the latest model of Polaris RZR, the Polaris RZR RS1, you are serious about your fun and you would love a ride of unmatched speed, performance, and control. But without the right off-road aftermarket accessories, that will remain just a dream that cannot be realized. As side by side lovers who believe that fun and safety play a key role in any avid off-roader, we have a selection from the best brands of brakes that are future proof, versatile, quiet and stylish. As such, we have an array of braking appliances from the best brands. You are assured of efficiency, innovation, and exceptional durability. With these, you can go at the maximum speed and experience the exhilaration that this offers and when need arises, you can brake at the shortest time possible for your safety and protection of your Polaris RZR RS1. Talk to us today and we will assist you to choose the right braking system.

Your Polaris RZR RS1’s brakes are one of those components that you should be regularly checking to ensure they are functioning properly. Faulty brakes can lead to bad accidents that can damage your Polaris RZR RS1 and injure you and your passengers. Whether you’re looking for replacement brake pads, front or rear brake kits, or an aftermarket UTV parking brake kit for your Polaris RZR RS1, we’ve got it right here. We’ve also even got theft deterrent ignition relays. Get all the side by side brake parts and accessories you need for your Polaris RZR RS1 here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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