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Whether you’re running stock RS1 axles or aftermarket RS1 axles, if you’re going through axles like a madman, you might have either too much antiseize or a small pin hole in the boot. And while the latter is definitely troublesome, it wouldn’t likely be the cause of a broken axle. Furthermore, a pin hole in the boot probably wouldn’t even caust the CV to slip out of the differential. Too much antiseize, on the other hand, will build up at the back of the splines in the differentials, causing the retainer clip to release the CV from the diff. Aftermarket a-arms can also put added pressure on your axles, and so too can running large tires or riding without limit straps. Limit straps help by stopping your rig before it goes to full drop, keeping the axles from binding and coming out.

If you’re suffering from a broken axle, there are options out there that can outperform OEM RS1 axles. The front RS1 axles are the same as front Polaris RZR Turbo axles. The rear RS1 axles, however, are specific to the one seater machine. Companies like HCR, RCV, and SuperATV are known for their quality aftermarket RS1 axles. So if you’re going to buy new axles, you might as well upgrade and go with a set of Rhino 2.0s by SuperATV. Whatever axle you choose to go with though, make sure that you break it in properly. The manual suggests that for the first 50 miles, you shouldn’t run over 25mph, you should avoid any steep climbs, and you shouldn’t do any rapid accelerations or rabbit takeoffs. Be it a racing axle, trail riding axle, or an axle made specifically for jumping, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the latest and greatest RS1 axles to meet any want or need.

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