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Sound Bars

From speaker bars to Polaris RS1 sound bars, if you want the ability to play music in your rig, we've got everything you need here at Everything Polaris RZR. Sound bars are popular among Polaris RS1 owners not only because they're easy to install, but also because they don't take up much space. Despite their slim profile, however, good Polaris RS1 sound bars can still pack a punch. Some sound bars for the Polaris RS1 are pre-amplified, and others are built using multiple individual speakers. But regardless of whether you're after a 24" Polaris RS1 sound bar to go right in front of your machine's snorkels, or a 200-watt sound bar that you can crank up and hear clearly underneath a full-face helmet, you're sure to find the exact sound bar to meet all your requirements among the selection at Everything Polaris RZR. Be it an MB Quart sound bar or a Polaris RS1 sound bar by MTX Audio, Memphis Audio, or Swamp Donkey Enterprises, we've got the options you need to make an educated and well-informed decision!

Even if you mount a sound bar high up and under the roof of your Polaris RS1, it still might get wet. So if you live in a rainy area or frequently ride on muddy terrain, using a marine-grade sound bar that is either water resistant, or completely waterproof is highly advised. And if you push your rig to the limits on rough ground or extreme off-road tracks, having a shock-proof Polaris RS1 sound bar will definitely come in handy as well. Whether you're riding in the heat of summer and in need of a sound bar with an internal heat dissipation system, or just looking for the cheapest sound bar possible that is bluetooth compatible, the wide range of Polaris RS1 sound bars at Everything Polaris RZR will surely include something to tickle your fancy. Don't go another day without tunes and install a sound bar in your single-seat RS1 today!

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