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Air Intake

Quit sucking water and dust into your air intakes and ensure that your vehicle's internals are getting the appropriate amount of air with the Polaris RS1 air intake accessories from Everything Polaris RZR! Not only do we offer replacement Polaris RS1 air intakes, but we also sell high-flow air intakes, air intake cross braces, and aluminum CVT air scoops. The factory Polaris RS1 intake does not contain a filter, which causes it to pull dust into your clutch. Although it is located high up, the air intake points backwards, which is not ideal when you factor in the negative pressure that is created when the vehicle is in motion. Because of this, many Polaris RS1 owners opt for solutions like snorkels, particle separators, and aftermarket air intakes with blowholes that keep belt temperatures low and prevent the clutches from getting sandblasted. In addition to these aftermarket air intake solutions for the Polaris RS1, at Everything Polaris RZR, we also offer factory-style air intake replacement parts and components. But whatever it is that you're looking for regarding Polaris RS1 air intakes, you're sure to find it here at Everything Polaris RZR!

A good number of Polaris RS1 owners have found success with the high-flow air intake kit by Agency Power. This accessory is perfect for increasing airflow from the intake to the engine, which not only boosts the vehicle's power output, but also increases the throttle response across the entire RPM range. Similarly, the UTV firm Vivid Racing also makes an amazing air intake system for the Polaris RS1 made from roto-molded plastic, CNC machined aluminum, and mesh-style brackets. Dyno testing shows that the addition of such bolt-on air intake accessories can yield an extra 8 horsepower, and with a VR tuned OBD and ECU flash, they can add over 10 HP to the vehicle. No matter if you use your RS1 on the track and are looking for high-performance air intakes, or if you use it on the trail and want air intakes that won't allow mud, dust, and water to enter the machine's internals, we've got the solutions you seek here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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