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Polaris RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter by QuadBoss

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Transform you Polaris RZR with this 3-way hitch adaptor. Quickly and easily change your hitch height—lower it two inches or reverse the height with little to no effort. Allowing the use of both a ball hitch and a pin hitch, the adapter can be used with a trailer ball, a pin hitch or a tow strap. The welded tow ring is perfect for two straps and chains, giving you endless options thanks to the functionality of the design.

  • SKU: 56-6758 RZR
  • Brand: Quadboss

Polaris RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter

The Polaris RZR 3-way hitch adapter allows your to transform your hitch easily and quickly for multiple uses. Install the adapter in the down position to lower your hitch height by two inches, or in the reverse position to raise your hitch height. The 3-way hitch can be used with a trailer ball, pin hitch or two strap for ultimate functionality. Made from steel that has been powder coated for added strength and durability, this hitch adapter also has a welded two ring for use with two straps or chains and is compatible with trailer balls with a .75” shank. Allowing the use of both a ball hitch and pin hitch, you will get more adaptability than ever on your RZR with this ingenious design.

The unique adaptor also includes a one-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry if you encounter any problems or issues with the design. Made by QuadBoss, it easily upgrades your Polaris RZR to a chameleon with the ability and flexibility to go three different ways in an instant.

Adding to your vehicle was never this easy. Polaris RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter by QuadBoss is a device designed for multiple uses and is easily your best friend even it comes to adapting to one’s liking. The hitch adapter completely transforms your vehicle with great ease. Providing you with the luxury of customization. Whether you want your hitch height to be lowered or reversed, it can be done so with great ease. With the best part being, the offerings being more than one. Use either a ball hitch or a pin hitch, the adapter will easily adapt to your liking and providing lasting results regardless of the hitch on interest.

Note: Ball is NOT included in this purchase

RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter

  • Please note that Ball, Tow Strap and Chains are not included in this purchase.
  • Allows use with a Trailer Ball, a Pin Hitch or a Tow Strap
  • Includes Welded Tow Ring for uses with Tow Straps or Chains
  • Designed to work with trailer balls that have a 3/4" shank
  • Built for strength and constructed of steel
  • Powder coated for increased durability and product longevity
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Extra adaptability.

Product Fitment

RZR Vehicle (2 Seater) 2019 RZR 570 2019 RZR 900 2019 RZR S 1000 2019 RZR S 900 2019 RZR XP 1000 2019 RZR XP Turbo 2018 RZR 570 2018 RZR 900 2018 RZR 900 XC 2018 RZR XP 1000 2018 RZR XP Turbo 2018 RZR-S 1000 2018 RZR-S 900 2017 RZR 570 2017 RZR 900 2017 RZR 900 XC 2017 RZR XP 1000 2017 RZR XP Turbo 2017 RZR-S 1000 2017 RZR-S 900 2016 RZR 570 2016 RZR 900 2016 RZR 900 XC 2016 RZR XP 1000 2016 RZR XP Turbo 2016 RZR-S 1000 2016 RZR-S 900 2015 RZR 570 2015 RZR 900 2015 RZR 900 XC 2015 RZR XP 1000 2015 RZR-S 900 2014 RZR 570 2014 RZR 800 2014 RZR XP 1000 2014 RZR XP 900 2014 RZR-S 800 2013 RZR 570 2013 RZR 800 2013 RZR XP 900 2013 RZR-S 800 2013 XP 900 Jagged X 2012 RZR 570 2012 RZR 800 2012 RZR XP 900 2012 RZR-S 800 2011 RZR 800 2011 RZR XP 900 2011 RZR-S 800 2010 RZR 800 2010 RZR-S 800 2009 RZR 800 2009 RZR-S 800 2008 RZR 800 2008 RZR-S 800 2007 RZR 800
RZR 4 Vehicle (4 Seater) 2019 RZR 4 XP Turbo 2018 RZR 4 1000 2018 RZR 4 XP 900 2018 RZR 4 XP Turbo 2017 RZR 4 XP 1000 2017 RZR 4 XP 900 2017 RZR 4 XP Turbo 2016 RZR 4 XP 1000 2016 RZR 4 XP 900 2016 RZR 4 XP Turbo 2015 RZR 4 XP 1000 2015 RZR 4 XP 900 2014 RZR 4 800 2014 RZR 4 XP 1000 2014 RZR 4 XP 900 2013 RZR 4 800 2013 RZR 4 XP 900 2012 RZR 4 800 2012 RZR 4 XP 900 2011 RZR 4 800 2011 RZR 4 XP 900 2010 RZR 4 800
Polaris RZR RS1 No
Polaris ACE Vehicle No
RZR 170 (Youth) No
Polaris ACE 150 (Youth) No

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Product Questions

Question: Does this purchase come with a ball?
Answer: No, the Polaris RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter by QuadBoss does not come with a ball.
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Question: Can it be used with a tow strap?
Answer: Yes, the Polaris RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter by QuadBoss is fully functional with a tow strap.
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Question: Is it compatible with 2014 RZR 570?
Answer: Yes, the Polaris RZR 3-Way Hitch Adapter by QuadBoss is compatible with the 2014 RZR 570.
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