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Skid Plates

Your undercarriage takes damage from jagged rocks and it also houses hydraulics lines and other major components that keep your Side by side running smoothly. Choose a skid plate and add the protection that it deserves and that will continue to work even when you aren’t looking at it for dents, which by the way, it is unlikely to have for some time to come.

Your Side by Side is a tough as nails machine but even so, in its factory state, it has its limits and one of those limits os especially rugged terrain with jagged and ridiculously sharp rocks, which will snag on lines along your undercarriage possibly causing untold damage to your machine. Choose from our skid plates and give the underside of your 2020 Polaris RZR 170 the added protection that it needs to keep running at its optimum. The brands that we carry include Trail Armour nad Factory UTV, two of the best UTV parts providers that you can find in today’s aftermarket UTV parts industry. Invest in skid plates now for your 2020 Polaris Ace 150 and save on thousands of dollars in repairs down the line. You can rest assured that this investment is one that your machine would be thanking you for if it could speak! Add one of these options to your machine today!

Shop 2019 RZR 170/ACE 150 (Youth) Models :  2019 RZR 170 Skid Plates