Seat Belts and Safety

There are many little things that you can do to ensure your safety before you take that first roll onto the trail. We can offer you a wide range of seat belts and harnesses as well as the override necessary to upgrade to a harness. You will also find other safety components including fire extinguishers and grab handles.

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One thing that all of these safety enhancements have in common is that they are all excellently made and will do their jobs as needed should the time call for it. The seat belts and harnesses are made out of the most resilient materials and are also made with the rider in mind so many of them come with the padding necessary so that your quality of ride is not negatively affected.

The best thing you can add to your machine after crucial upgrades is more safety! Everything that you need for instance to add harnesses to your Polaris RZR 170 is right here. Some machines come with a built in sensor that prevents it from being able to be started without your seatbelt being secured, we carry the override that will allow you to add the harnesses and that they are fully functional. You will need to install a harness mount bar, a harness strap retainer or a harness mount bar, and we have those. And of course, we carry the harnesses themselves. You can find what you need to up the level of security for you and your passenger all right here. These options are also available for the Polaris Ace 150. Take your safety and that of your passengers seriously. We do! Choose from the best right here.

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