Wheel Spacers & Adapters

Whether you’re looking for the added stability of a wider wheelbase, want to run larger tires without any rubbing or scrubbing in the wheel well, or you found a good deal on some aftermarket rims with a non-matching bolt pattern, Polaris ACE wheel spacers and wheel adapters are the solutions. Be they 2” wheel spacers from a company like SuperATV or a smaller 1” wheel adapter from a small-scale side by side parts manufacturer like High Desert Motorsports, here at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got whatever you need in the wheel spacer and adapter department. And although your ACE might throw a bit more mud with a wider stance, that’s a small price to pay for increased stability when cornering. Besides, throw on some extended fender flares and your mud problem is solved.


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A friend of the site told us that he was running 30” tires on his Polaris ACE and they rubbed a bit on the inside when he turned hard. After installing 2” wheel spacers, the tires then began trying to rip his fenders off. The rubbing was far worse with the wheel spacers and he though his ACE looked horrible with all that gap behind the wheels. This just goes to show that sometimes, solving a problem can lead to other problems -- and this is particularly true with wheel spacers. If you’re negligent with your checks and upkeeps, wheel spacers have the potential to be harder on your wheel bearings. It is therefore important that you torque your lug nuts down tight and add a little Loctite for good measure. We’d suggest tightening your wheels at 70lbs for smaller studs and 75lbs at 12mm. Further, periodically checking your wheel lugs both during and after rides for looseness is also crucial and can save your wheel bearings from an untimely death. Many riders also suggest stiffer springs with wheel spacers as your shocks will have a lot more leverage on them due to the wider stance. In the end, if your riding style and terrain type call for larger tires, offset rims, or more stability, wheel spacers are the way to go. Sure you might bet a bit muddier, but there’s plenty of other aftermarket accessories to solve that problem!

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