Turn Signal & Horn Kits

In most US states, you have to register your Polaris ACE as an ORV to ride it on public land, and many other countries have similar pieces of legislation in effect as well. But in order to make your ACE completely street legal -- that is, in states where it’s possible to make a UTV street legal -- there are a few more steps you need to take. Among them, mirrors, brake lights, headlights, turn signals, and horns are a few of the aftermarket accessories required by law to drive your ACE UTV on paved city streets. But even if you’re unwilling or unable to add the aforementioned ACE accessories to your side by side to make it street legal, you might want to install some strictly for safety. After all, there’s a reason why governments require these components -- because they make driving safer. Horns, for instance, are quite handy when making sharp turns on tight, crowded trails. Simply blast the horn when cornering to let any potential oncoming driver know your whereabouts to avoid a head-on collision.


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Like horns, turn signals are also important side by side safety accessories -- and many horn/turn signals come in a prewired assembly together, ready to be installed as a single unit in your Polaris ACE. If you don’t have a communications system in your UTV, turn signals are a good way to communicate with your crew. This is especially true at night when visibility is low and the chances of getting lost are higher. Most turn signal kits for the ACE can be installed independently from the stock wiring and electric system, requiring little -- if any -- splicing into the factory wires. And with optional dash indicator lights as well as both amber and red LED turn indicators in the front and back, when you’re making a sharp right in your ACE with a turn signal kit in use, the world will know. So what are you waiting for? Make your UTV safer and take the first step to get it street legal with a turn signal kit from Everything Polaris RZR.

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