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Street Legal

No doubt the Polaris ACE is a ripper of a machine straight out of the factory crate. But if you want to rip on public streets, you're going to have to install some aftermarket Polaris ACE street legal accessories. The international version of the Polaris ACE comes from the factory equipped with a stock on the steering column ment for indicators, headlight dimming switches, and a horn. It also comes with a hand brake, and unlike the ACE models released for the North American market, they come standard with sturdy side-view mirrors along with a handful of other extras to make them road legal. In Spain, you can register the Polaris ACE as a car with no restrictions. In Germany, if you have all the required street legal accessories on your ACE, you can not only ride on German thoroughfares, but you can even take your rig onto the Autobahn. In America, however, the rules regarding street legal side-by-sides are a bit more complex. In most, if not all U.S. States, in addition to having mirrors, your Polaris ACE would also have to be equipped with turn signals to be registered as street legal.

For ACE owners more focused on the riding side of the UTV life than the alteration, modification, and customization side, the mere mention of things like wire harnesses, dash clusters, and a tedious installation process is enough to induce boredom. However, the easy plug-&-play installation of street legal accessories such as turning light kits and horn kits has opened up street legal ACE customizations to the masses. Things like aftermarket tires may also affect the street legality of your ACE. Without DOT approval, many counties won't approve your machine for licensing, and the same goes for the DOTs counterpart in the EU. Wherever you are and regardless of the reasons why you want a street legal Polaris ACE, here at Everything Polaris RZR, our industry-leading, street-legal accessory setups will help you pass the strictest of safety inspections.

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