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Storage space in the Polaris ACE can be limited, but with the right storage add-ons and aftermarket accessories, you’ll have more storage space in your ACE than you know what to do with. And unlike other storage cases, the Polaris ACE storage cases from Everything Polaris RZR are guaranteed to seal and are impervious to water, dust, and mud. Get a Front Rack Extender for your 900 XC, put a Front Case on your ACE 325, or install a Rear Case in your ACE 570, there are many ways to pack more into your Polaris ACE. For the dash area, you can find dash packs and pocketed pouches. Get one with an E-cig holder on the left, a phone mount in the middle, and a custom cup holder on the right to prevent you from smashing out the beverages in the stock cup holder like you usually do. Mount a few ammo boxes in the bed to store your trail tools and you’re pretty much set.

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If you’re like most people when your first saw the Polaris ACE you probably assumed it wasn’t possible for it to do much work because it has seemingly very little storage capacity. But this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. If you get a few accessories -- such as door bags or rear-bar storage pouches -- you can load the Polaris ACE up with all kinds of gear and equipment. Just keep some ratchet straps on board and be sure to have the front and rear brush guards installed and you can strap all sorts of things down to your ACE. But without the brush guards, there isn't a lot to tie down to.

With regards to the rear storage box from Polaris, many riders complain that it doesn’t seal properly and lets in water and dust. But as long as you remember to close the latches properly, you should be alright. Alternatively the OGIO UTV storage system is totally dust/watertight. It actually forms a vacuum when you push the lid closed, similar to Tupperware. Not only does the OGIO system look impressive, but it’s a lot more reliable than a bungeed down cooler.

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