Steering Wheels

As the main contact point between your hands and your Polaris ACE, the UTV steering wheel used in your rig not only plays a large role in the comfort and feel of your machine, but your ACE steering wheel can also be used as a safety feature. With an aftermarket removable steering wheel, you can easily take the steering wheel off and put it back on in a matter of seconds. Your ACE may require a wheel hub adapter in order to fit an aftermarket removable steering wheel, but once you have it on, the quick-release feature makes swapping it out a walk in the park. D-shaped and suede side by side steering wheels are also popular among Polaris ACE owners. To install a new steering wheel on your ACE, simply loosen the steering wheel nut a quarter of a turn, apply an adequate amount of WD40, strike the nut a couple of times with a rubber mallet or hammer, and the steering wheel comes loose off -- no fancy tools or steering wheel pullers needed.


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If you want the look and feel of an aftermarket side by side steering wheel but don’t want to shell out $400 for a steering wheel kit, a steering wheel cover is a good compromise. Many companies make steering wheel covers that fit the stock ACE steering wheel, but you need to make sure it fits. Some golf cart steering wheel covers work well in the ACE, but again, measure first before you buy. Although a bent steering wheel can feel sloppy and out of whack, if you notice a slight lag from the steering wheel to the wheels, the problem may not be with your steering wheel, but rather, the steering shaft. But if you’ve identified the steering wheel as the culprit, a new one -- be it aftermarket or OEM -- is definitely in order. Be it a vinyl series side by side steering wheel with a quick release hub in your ACE 900 XC or leather wrapped steering wheel for your ACE 570, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the best UTV steering wheels that Polaris ACE owners love.

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