Spare Tire Mounts

Mounting a spare tire onto your side-by-side has never been easier than it is with a Polaris ACE spare tire mount from Everything Polaris RZR. Many riders we've seen have a spare tire, but oftentimes it's precariously strapped to their ACE in a haphazard manner, so having a more permanent solution to having it just hanging off the back is quite valuable. The UTV parts company RazorBack makes a solid rear rack that works well for tires, but it's not tire specific. And the bigger tires on editions like the ACE XC make it tougher to mount it a spare tire anywhere decent. However, with the Polaris ACE spare tire mounts you'll find here at Everything Polaris RZR, you can tear it up with confidence knowing that even if you grenade a tire, you won't be stranded alone, miles from civilization.

There are a variety of spare tire mounts for the Polaris ACE. Some are back-mounted, bolting directly onto the rear of the roll cage, while others are side-mounted, affixed to the rock sliders on the "passenger" side of the vehicle. Each type has it's pros and cons, and within each there are variations, such as spare tire brackets for different size tubing as well as mounts that hold the tire at different angles. UTV Inc. makes several Polaris ACE spare tire mounts in both the rear and side configurations. Many riders don't like the side-mounted spare tire brackets because they feel it throws off the balance of the machine -- and looks a bit awkward. Others don't like the rear-mounted spare tire holders because they obstruct the line of sight to the back. But with an angled Polaris ACE spare tire mount, the tire is held at just the right angle to optimize the drivers rear-facing visibility. To avoid all of these issues, you could opt for a spare tire mount that clamps onto your rear bumper. These mounts come with threaded holes, allowing you to run long bolts through them and onto the rim of your bumper. But whatever spare tire mount you choose for your Polaris ACE, make sure to get a spare tire cover, because having to replace your tire is frustrating enough without having to deal with a muddy spare!

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