Snorkel Kits

If all you do is ride in the dry and never encounter any water or deep mud, you may have no need for a snorkel on your Polaris ACE. But for those of you that aren't afraid to take it to the deep end, a snorkel kit is one of those must-have UTV accessories. The ACE 900XC is known to have an airbox that doesn't seal properly, but even the airboxes on the ACE 325 and ACE 570 aren't the best. Sure you can get aftermarket air boxes for the ACE, but that doesn't solve the problem. If you want to be sure your ACE will live to ride another day after an extreme water excursion, you've got to snorkel that beast. The Warrior Riser snorkel kit is arguably one of the cleaner snorkel kits out there for the Polaris ACE, and the install isn't bad either. The hardest part is getting around the crossbar that runs under the panel where the riser comes up through. Sure it might be cheaper to use standard PVC pipe, but it definitely won't look as good or perform as well as a Warrior Riser snorkel.

Polaris ACE owners with huge aftermarket tires might find that their machine floats before the water reaches their snorkel. And to them we say throw some floaties on all four corners and ride the tide. Room is a big issue when snorkeling any UTV, and the ACE is no exception. Snorkeling the belt intake and air box intake is easy enough, but once you do that, you'll find there to be little space to snorkel the belt exhaust. Because the belt exhaust exits right under the air filter box, there is little room to work with. That is why snorkel kits are useful. They are pre-fabricated and engineered to fit perfectly, so no need to worry about relocating the crankcase breather or deleting the air box. And even if you don't plan on getting your ACE fully submerged, adding a snorkel kit will also keep water and mud from splashing in from the side intakes. Don't delay and get your Polaris ACE snorkel kit today!

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