Skid Plates

Want a better full skid plate for your Polaris ACE? Curious about the right skid plate material and the protection benefits they bring? You’ve come to the right place, because at Everything Polaris RZR, we not only have the best parts and aftermarket accessories for the Polaris ACE, but we can also explain why they’re the best. Take HWM plastic skid plates for instance. While many riders might have it in their heads that aluminum is the better material for UTV skid plates. After all, aluminum seems way stronger than plastic and could stand up to more abuse… right? Well this is not exactly the case. HMW skid plates like those by the side by side parts maker Factory UTV don’t dent and can slide over rocks like alligator spit. The protective upside of running Polaris ACE skid plates on your machine is clear, but there is a slight downside to having UTV skid plates on your ACE and it involves cleaning.

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And by cleaning, we’re not talking about the outside plastic cowling, we’re talking about between the skid plates and the ACE chassis where rust might develop if you don’t periodically rid the space of mud and debris. Obviously, taking the skid plates off is required, but there is an easy way to clean the underbelly of your ACE. Hook your winch up high on a good branch and pick the front of your UTV up a few feet off the ground. Pull the skids and wash away -- preferably with a pressure washer. No matter what rig you own, be it an ACE 900 or a 570cc ACE, ask any experienced side by side rider and they’ll tell you to take all your plastics off once a year and give your rig deep clean. You may want to clean your bike with the skid plates off more often depending on your level of concern. Unfortunately, there really aren't any shortcuts to get all the nooks and crannies clean as the ACE has a lot of places for mud to hide.This can be seen in many newer ORV's. Plastics have taken over and aesthetics just create more honey holes. You can build a big drive up platform and hit your ACE’s underbelly with turtle wax liquid in a weed killer sprayer, but there are some spots you won't get clean without removing all the plastics and skid plates. Despite this slight nuisance, however, it is still better on the whole to outfit your ACE with the complete underbelly protection offered by skid plates and skid guards -- be they Tusk or Factory UTV.

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