Seat Belts and Safety

The best Polaris ACE harnesses are useless if they aren’t mounted correctly. Five-point Polaris ACE harnesses like the ones by DragonFire are good, but they require aftermarket brackets that are a bit more complex to install than just strapping something to the roll cage. They also aren’t meant for the Polaris ACE 900. So if you have a 900cc ACE, you should go with a company like Pro Armor, which mounts at a less risky position on the cage behind your head. A proper UTV harness is supposed to be mounted at the top level with your shoulders -- plus or minus a couple of inches. The reason is that if you were to slam into something, your forward inertia will turn the mount point of your harness into a pivot point. If your ACE harness is mounted too low, it can cause your spine to be compressed on impact. Plus, constant chafing from an improper harness is never fun on the trail.

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After you install your new seat belt or harness, depending on the year and model of ACE that you have, you may also want to disable the seat belt sensor. There’s a limit switch in the buckle of many Polaris ACEs. When connected, the switch is forced closed, unbuckle the seat belt, and it’s open. You can easily bypass this in a variety of ways. First, check to see if your ACE even has a seat belt sensor by looking at the seat belt; if it’s there it will be behind the interior plastic. The original female seat belt latch should have had a wire that was plugged into it. To disable the sensor, unscrew the four screws on the seat belt and open the buckle. Use a small zip tie to close contact, put it back together, and you’re done. You can also buy a small, cheap seat belt relay to “trick” the machine into thinking the factory seatbelt is fastened. Alternatively, you can easily disarm the seat belt sensor on your ACE by cutting the connector from the stock belt, loop the wires and solder together, then plug it back into the connector. That’s all you’re doing by plugging in a seat belt, simply completing the circuit. So whether you’re looking for a 3-point, 4-point, or a 5-point harness safety belt for your Polaris ACE, at Everything Polaris Ranger we’ve got UTV safety gear to keep you riding for years to come.

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