Radius Rods & Tie Rods

Have you fractured, cracked, or otherwise busted the radius rod on your Polaris ACE?Are you searching for an ACE radius arm or torque arm to replace the stock one on your machine? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place. Because here at Everything Polaris RZR, our selection of Polaris ACE radius rods, radius arms, and torque arms is the best around. Be it factory replacement radius rods or aftermarket radius rods that are stronger and more durable, the radius rod options we offer are truly diverse. Many riders go with high-clearance radius rods like the Mohawk series by Tusk. Other riders opt for the barrel-style heavy duty radius rods like the ones by Assault Industries. Be it upper radius rods, lower radius rods, rear radius rods, or front radius rods, we've got single Polaris ACE radius rods as well as complete radius rod kits and assemblies.

In addition to radius rod kits for the Polaris ACE, we also have various radius rod components such as radius rod plates and radius rod bushings -- which tend to wear much faster than the metal bars themselves. Not all radius rods work on the ACE, however, so it pays to do your homework. Furthermore, some aftermarket components -- like bumpers, hitches, skid plates, etc. -- may interfere with specific types of aftermarket radius rods. Typically though, there are usually simple workarounds that can be used to make a set of radius rods work; from modifying other accessories to making a few small cuts or welds. But if you're not wanting to modify anything and want a simple installation, give us a call or email explaining what parts you have, what ACE edition you have, what type of riding you do etc. We're confident we can hook you up with the right Polaris ACE radius rod that will hold its weight for years to come.

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