Whether you're wanting to relocate the radiator on your Polaris ACE, replace a damaged radiator, or upgrade your ACE radiator to maximize engine cooling after modifying your motor, we've got what you need right here at Everything Polaris RZR. Depending on where you ride, the style of riding you do, and the upgrades / modifications you've done to your ACE, your stock radiator may not be optimal. And sure you might be able to bring life back into an old UTV radiator by welding up dings / holes, but unless you're constantly monitoring the engine temps and willing to risk damage to your motor, it's probably best to just get a new Polaris ACE radiator. You can also play around with the type of cooling fluid you use. A lot of ACE owners are running Polaris' 50/50 mix with water wetter. But if you store your ACE in wintertime, you might be able to get away with running higher amounts of water mixture.

Companies like American Cooling Solutions make a good radiator that excels in the Polaris ACE. We've seen them perform in 90-degree temperatures in the deserts of Nevada. On flat smooth trails it held the engine at around 180 degrees. Going slower through rocky and rough stuff the engine temps would climb to 190-degrees. With an aftermarket radiator in your ACE, your engine might flirt with 200 degrees while using 4 low or doing extreme hill climbs, but the fans should kick on and bring the temperatures right back down to the 195 range. While American Cooling Radiators are great for ACE riders in the USA, PWR radiators are a good option for riders abroad. One of our long-time customers runs a PWR radiator in his ACE, and it has stood up to the heat where he lives in Northern Australia. Even after drilling holes in his grill to create more air vents, the stock radiator still struggled and even started spitting at times due to pressure build-up in the Australian heat. If this story hits close to home for you, upgrading your Polaris ACE radiator can solve all your woes!

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