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Rack and Pinions

There are few things comparable to riding a Polaris ACE with unresponsive steering; the frustration is almost maddening. Be it a slight bend or hairline crack in your steering rack that is messing with the gearbox, a chip or fracture in the pinion gear teeth that is causing them to slip, or the buildup of debris around the steering knuckle above the rack and pinion, there are seemingly endless things that can disrupt and upend the steering system on your Polaris ACE. While alignment and balance issues can be fixed without the need for many large parts, a surefire way to get the slop out of your steering system and keep things tight is to upgrade your ACE rack and pinion. Unlike the RS1 -- which accepts the heavier RZR Turbo S rack if you change the lower steering shaft -- the ACE isn't set up to work with many steering components from other Polaris UTVs. So if you've set the toe correctly and made sure every component in your steering system is nice and tight, but are still unhappy with the amount of play, there are upgrade options available. Firms specializing in UTV accessories such as SuperATV make great rack and pinion units for the Polaris ACE, and the steering racks by Rackzilla can also work in the ace.

Play in the ACE steering is especially noticeable at high speeds. If something in the rack and pinion is slightly off, you may not notice it until you're pinning the gas flying down a gravel road. Riders with the ACE 900 SP might have noticed a few steering issues, which were addressed with the subsequent ACE 900 XP. Regardless of which year or edition of the Polaris ACE you own, we've got the rack and pinion kits to solve any steering problems you may be facing. Many times, issues with the power steering motor or sensors can cause steering issues, and these should be confirmed functional before going ahead with a new Polaris ACE rack and pinion. If, however, it is blatantly obvious that the rack and pinion is causing problems, don't hesitate to order a stock replacement or aftermarket upgrade today! You won't be disappointed with anything from Everything Polaris RZR, we guarantee it!

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