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Prop Shafts

Whether you use your Polaris ACE as a workhorse, a hunting vehicle, or as an adult toy, if you need a new prop shaft or replacement prop shaft parts for your ACE, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got drive shafts for the Polaris ACE 570, the ACE 300, as well as both the 900SP and the ACE 900XC. If you’re looking for precision-ground u-joint replacements that are easy to grease and provide flawless prop shaft operation or are in need of yokes for the engine side of the shaft, we’ve got the spare propeller shaft parts for you. On the hunt for something more? Instead of replacement driveshaft parts, you might want to look into buying a completely new drive shaft assembly. Although more expensive, replacing the entire drive shaft will reduce vibrations, eliminate any prop shaft rubbing, and provide a smooth/balanced ride. A proper drive shaft assembly should include u-joints, yoke slips, yoke pins, spring pins, and lubrication.


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The latter is of particular importance. Even if your ACE’s prop shaft is running as it should and everything is perfectly fine, always make sure to re-grease it periodically to extend its functional lifespan. To do this, find the grease fitting on the drive shaft towards the rear end between the universal. You access if from the rear side of the front right tire, and if you can’t find it at first, simply roll your rig a little in either direction until the grease fitting rotates around to the outermost side. So if your ACE is pulling to one side, rumbling like a diesel tug boat, or hitting up against the floorboards, a prop shaft from Everything Polaris Ranger could be the solution to your problems. Be it a new ball and trunnion universal joint, a propeller rod, or a full Polaris ACE drive shaft kit, at Everything Polaris Ranger, we’ve got the prop shafts and prop shaft components to keep you moving in the right direction.