Portal Gear Lifts

Whether you’re a mud hog or a deep creek crosser, find everything you need to put portals on your Polaris ACE 325, Polaris ACE 570, or Polaris ACE 900 here at Everything Polaris RZR! While 32” tires and a bracket lift will give your ACE some added ground clearance, accessories such as these will never deliver what a Polaris ACE portal gear lift can. Mods like trailing arm conversions and arched front a-arms are great, but lifting the vehicle in this manner will bring about unintended results. The angles created by typical Polaris ACE lift kits and lift accessories are much sharper than the factory configuration. By changing the geometry of the machine, you also change the way load forces are transferred through the powertrain and suspension parts. By keeping the geometry of your ACE stock through the use of a portal gear lift from Everything Polaris RZR, things like disconnected axles and torn differential boots won’t become the bane of your off-road existence.

When it comes to portal gear lifts for the Polaris ACE, there are a few different options to choose from. One of the most popular makers of Polaris ACE portals is the UTV firm SuperATV. SuperATV’s 4-inch gen 1 portals are a solid option, which not only lifts the vehicle via all four-wheel hubs, but also provides a reduction in the gear ratio. In addition to your choice of a 15%, 30%, or 45% gear reduction, Polaris ACE portals like the ones by SATV will also give you a wider stance and increase the amount of torque your wheels can generate. Despite the benefits they provide, however, Polaris ACE portal gear lifts aren’t without their own drawbacks. You can’t go as fast with portals on, and you’ll likely have to reinforce your cage and frame tabs with a Polaris ACE frame support system to make your rig more robust. On top of that, Polaris ACE portal gear lifts also affect the machine’s turning radius, so you won’t be able to turn as sharply with them installed. But if you want to be unstoppable on the trail rather than fast at the track, Polaris ACE portals are the perfect aftermarket add-on for you!

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