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Cooling System

Keep your engine cool, your transmission cool, and your clutch cool with the replacement Polaris ACE cooling system parts from Everything Polaris RZR! Instead of wasting money on an entirely new radiator, why not get replacement Polaris ACE radiator parts like fins, fans, and radiator caps? By investing in your Polaris ACE cooling system now, you'll save money down the line by not having to replace other components that break or deform due to overheating. After all, what's a few bucks for a replacement thermostat compared to the cost of replacing a warped cylinder or cracked engine block? Be it a replacement Polaris ACE expansion tank for your UTV's coolant fluids, some stock-style cooling fans, or replacement cooling hoses / clamps, you'll find exactly what your ACE needs to stay cool here at Everything Polaris RZR!

Just because the radiator on your Polaris ACE looks clean, does not mean that it is. Dirty radiators are often to blame for overheating issues, and the fix can be as simple as a quick blast with your garden hose. Air in the coolant lines can also be rather pernicious, as the radiator in the Polaris ACE is lower than the motor. One of the first things you should do if your bike is overheating is to let it cool down in the park with the front end in the air, then open the radiator cap and warm it up to make sure antifreeze is in both the radiator and the overflow. On the ACE 900, the bleeder valve for the cooling system is on the engine block right next to where the exhaust manifold bolts up to the head, which can be used to rid the system of air bubbles. If this doesn't fix your cooling issues, we're here to help at Everything Polaris RZR with any Polaris ACE cooling system replacement part you may need!

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It is important to always have proper ventilation and air circulation while riding. An overheating engine can cause a myriad of problems. But that doesn’t have to be a concern for you. You can avoid the stress and hassle of a blown engine by ensuring you have the Polaris Ace cooling aftermarket replacement parts you need to keep your Side x Side functioning at optimal performance.

If you find that you are having an issue keeping your vehicle’s temp down, you may need to take a look under the hood and replace one or more parts. If that is the case, we here at Everything Polaris RZR have what you need for your Polaris Ace.  Here you will find brands like Weller Racing, DuraClutch, Quad Logic and more. All brands we trust and you can too.

Got a problem with your seals? Not a problem. We have a huge selection of gaskets and seals for you to choose from. Maybe your radiator cap is faulty. Again we have you covered. Even if you find yourself needing to replace your radiator or radiator fan, you are guaranteed to find both of them here at Everything Polaris RZR.

Ideally, you will replace your cooling parts before they end up dying or breaking on you. However, should you find yourself broken down and have no choice but to replace them, you can shop with confidence knowing that the parts you get here at Everything Polaris RZR are a guaranteed fit to your Polaris Ace and our goal is to give you more time riding and less time in the shop. After all, why else did you buy that expensive Side x Side. It certainly wasn’t for it to sit up on jacks most of the time. Are we right? Of course we are! So take a look and find the cooling replacement part that will help you get back on the trail in a hurry.