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Hitches and Frame Support

Installing a UTV hitch/hitch receiver on your Polaris ACE opens up worlds of possibilities. The added weight of a hitch is marginal, and it expands the capability of both work machines and vehicles of leisure. If you use your ACE on the job site, at the ranch, or around the homestead, a UTV hitch receiver will allow towing equipment, small trailers, and a variety of other tools and gadgets made for making life easier. Extreme Metal Products 2” rear receiver hitch is popular among ACE owners for its ease of use and durability. Depending on what you're attaching to your ACE, you may want to investigate various receiver sizes and hitch diameters. But if you’re hauling excessive weight or putting added stress on your ACE’s frame by jumping, rock crawling, and mudding with heavy tires and an exaggerated lift, it might be in your best interest to proactively protect your rig with some frame supports.

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Whether you have a ACE 300, a ACE 900sc, or a ACE 900xc, when it comes to body/frame support for the Polaris ACE, most kits are universal for all ACE years and models. There are a few different types of braces, ranging from front frame braces and gusset plates to frame covers, CTV braces, and frame brackets. We’re not saying that the OEM ACE chassis is weak, stock UTV’s are made for general-purpose riding, and not specialized for anyone riding in particular. And while there are some design limitations with the ACE -- especially regarding the power-to-chassis strength ratio of the 900sp -- the frame should hold up barring any extreme use and abuse. Some riders, however, have reported that the rear frame is super cheesy, not even using a boxed section but stamped parts instead. And as soon as the stock skid plate is bent to crap, the arm mount will go out of whack, meaning toe in or toe out. With good frame support though, that sucker will be twice as strong. Don’t wait until it’s too late and look into getting some frame supports for your Polaris Sportsman ACE today!

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