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Heat Shields

Don't let heat-related problems cause harm to you or your machine with the Polaris ACE heat shielding accessories from Everything Polaris RZR. Heat from the radiator can be nice in the winter, but during summer, the cab of the Polaris ACE can get unbearably hot. So if you live in a hot climate and want a better way to stay cool when riding, the Polaris ACE cab heat shields we offer will help. Unlike dash seal kits and similar products, the cab heat shields we offer for the Polaris ACE have low thermal conductivity, and thus won't radiate or transfer heat. If you own the Polaris ACE 900 SP, a heat shield recall has been issued by Polaris, which you should definitely take care of. But even if your bike's factory heat shields are perfectly fine, we offer aftermarket heat shields for the Polaris ACE 900, Polaris ACE 570, and Polaris ACE 325 for extra shielding on the engine bay, around the exhaust, and in other areas that are susceptible to heat. So regardless of whether you're in need of replacement Polaris ACE heat shields or a set of heavy-duty aftermarket heat shields, we've got you covered with everything heat shielding related here at Everything Polaris RZR!

Things like radiator relocation kits can help keep your UTV cool, and ensuring that your coolant lines are free of air bubbles is essential for cooling as well. But there are areas of the Polaris ACE that just run hot, so protecting the surrounding components with Polaris ACE heat shields is an important thing to do. You can insulate the header pipe of your Polaris ACE exhaust with a heat shield, or use heat deflectors for the muffler section of your tailpipe. Furthermore, wrapping your coolant lines will lessen in-cab heat, and things like Lava Rock exhaust tape can be wrapped around the exhaust itself. Keep your backside cool, prevent your plastics from melting, and replace any shielding you might be missing with the Polaris ACE heat shields from Everything Polaris RZR!

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