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The fuel economy you’re able to achieve in your Polaris ACE will depend on which edition you have. While it is not uncommon to get 125-130 trail miles out of a properly tuned Polaris ACE 570 with a full tank of gasoline, the Polaris ACE 900 XC does slightly worse in the petrol department, at only 70-90 miles on a single tank. Worse still, the Polaris ACE 900 SP can only muster between 40 and 50 miles per tank. Leading the ACE models is the 325cc Polaris one-seater, which can get in excess of 150 miles of range out of one tank. Even the 900 SP, however, is capable of achieving successful short day trips, but if you’re planning a longer adventure -- or simply want to bring backup fuel just in case -- you might want to pack some gas along in a Polaris ACE fuel pack. UTV Jerry cans come in a variety of sizes and are produced by a number of aftermarket suppliers. They typically lay flat in the cargo bed of the Polaris ACE, but you can also mount your gas packs on sidebars and the roll cage -- just make sure you steer clear of the exhaust, electrical chords, and other potential ignition points. And on that point, if you pack fuel on your rides, bring along a fire extinguisher. Lugging around a few extra pounds to protect your side-by-side investment is absolutely worth it.

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Regular gas cans can work with the Polaris ACE, but they come with inherent risks. Non-UTV fuel packs are more prone to leak, and they are not made to withstand the rattling, shaking, pounding and other punishing conditions that are all too common in the off-road powersports world. And while there are some ways to improve your rig’s fuel efficiency -- for example by running larger tires and sticking to dirt roads and double-track trails -- bringing along a few fuel packs can more than double your range. The crowd favorite for Polaris ACE fuel packs is definitely RotoPax -- with fuel pack mounts and brackets from a variety of companies, including Moose, SATV, and Hornet Outdoors. And with sizes ranging from one to four gallons, you can bring as much or as little fuel as you want on any given day. Don’t get stranded or sacrifice your ride due to distance restrictions and install a Polaris ACE fuel pack today!

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